Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dear GOP,

When I walk, I will sometimes listen to podcasts and sometimes I listen to music. When I clean, I always listen to political podcasts in order to imbue the otherwise bovine-like activity with some sort of intellect.

On behalf of my entire household, I'd like to thank the entire conservative contingent (particularly the GOP) for its precipitous decline, which is delivering unto me an unusually clean house. The news for you righties is so bad and there is so much of it I can hardly stop listening!

So thank you GOP and the rest of the Right. Your demise is a gift that keeps on giving.



Confidential to the savvy: try KCRW's "Left, Right and Center" or Olney's "To The Point" if you'd like to hear some of the best political/news radio around.


Earl Tesch said...

While I'm in agreement that the decline of the conservatives is a step in the right direction, if the left could follow right behind them I would appreciate it. Because no one party has all the answers, but they all sure do think so.

Think of them all as partisan lemmings. splash, splash, splash

Erin O'Brien said...

I understand your sentiments Earl and while I'm a liberal more than a dem, I'm so goddamn furious over what the Bush administration has done over the past 8 years I can't help myself but revel in the veer towards the left.

Now for a couple of links: Dig what Vincent Bugliosi has to say. Or former executive director of the 9/11 Commission Philip Zelikow.

Kirk Jusko said...

A couple of thoughts.

If the economy is still in bad shape in 2010, I can see the GOP come roaring back.

To me, there is a distinction to be made between "liberal" and "Democrat". Just as there is a distinction to be made between "conservative" and "Republican".

I originally started voting Democratic because I was put off by Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority, i.e. the social conservatives. But what have the social conservatives really accomplished since 1980? The economic conservatives, meanwhile, have accomplished--"accomplished" being a relative term--a lot since 1980. I worry there may be some life left in that beast.

I'll revel when Obama gets elected to a second term. Then I'll know it's for real.

Hal said...

Kirk is on the right track. Right now the GOP is driving the crazy train, but while I think a 1994 takeover of Congress isn't likely, they could put a large dent in the Dem majorities in Congress next year if there isn't significant improvement. Obama's getting a lot of mileage out of his personal popularity right now, but he'll need more than that next year. However if the Limbaugh's and Glenn Beck's and Michelle Bachmann's continue to define the GOP, and no fresh new faces emerge, well, he'll cruise in '12, even without significant improvement.

jonas said...

I've been saying this since the Kerry campaign: the more the Right/GOP is demonized, the more they come to take the blame for all of our ills, the greater the pile of poo the Left/Dems are left with to remove. That is, we have two choices in the voting booth, and many people seem to think all problems stem from one choice. Thus all solutions, by default, must come from the other. That puts all sorts of pressure on Obama et al. to "undo" all of that. Moreover, when even the smallest Left "fix" doesnt work (and I'm not even talking about the stimulus mess), all the anti-GOP rhetoric can be used against the Left to say "see, your guy isn't any better." The expectations, either explicit o tacit, may well prove significantly detrimental to any sort of long term shift to the left.

Polarization is useless.

Al The Retired Army Guy said...


We're not going away. Sorry.