Thursday, May 14, 2009

Come Saturday morning

I'll be at the Rocky River Library with a whole slew of other authors this Saturday. I'd love to say hello, so stop by if you're in Northeast Ohio and have a few minutes.


The title of today's post is courtesy of a cheesy song from 1969 by The Sandpipers that probably has nothing to do with Julie Andrews. Erin O'Brien takes no responsibility for the song's lyric (of dubious grammatical origin): "Just I and my friend. We'll travel for miles in our Saturday smiles," although O'Brien once read something wherein Julie Andrews was described as a bit of a randy sex kitten behind the scenes despite her squeaky clean image in front of the camera. The information (which O'Brien cannot verify) infinitely improved her opinion of Andrews.

O'Brien tried to post a YouTube that just featured the song, but was unsuccessful as any vids matching that description had embedding disabled. So O'Brien settled on the Julie Andrews tribute (which will likely be removed any moment due to copyright infringement). Upon further consideration however, O'Brien is glad to have the opportunity to muse on Andrews, who she thinks once even flashed her boobies on 60 minutes, but she's not sure.

O'Brien has a lot of issues. She thanks you for your support.


deangc said...

If I were in Ohio, I'd come see you and we'd have a beer or two on a Saturday morning. But I'm not.

HeyJoe said...

I think her boobies made an appearance in a movie called SOB, though I would not swear to it.

And why is O'Brien talking in the third person?

Erin O'Brien said...

O'Brien doesn't know.

Norrin2 said...

I was going to correct you on where to find Julie Andrews's boobies, but since somebody beat me to the punch, I'll just say you're correct that "Come Saturday Morning" has nothing to do with Ms. Andrews. It does have something to do with Liza Minnelli, since it was in her film "The Sterile Cuckoo."

Earl Tesch said...

Coincidentally, the first boobs Earl ever saw on film were those of Julie Andrews in the film "SOB." Earl enjoyed seeing them and can still picture them clearly. Earl thanks Erin for rekindling his love affair with Julie's boobs.

Heff said...

I always try and come Saturday NIGHT, but that's just me :)

Inspector Clouseau said...

Thanks again for visiting us Erin, and the compliment on the post about "supporting the troops." We did not realize that you have so many things going on. That's cool.

Check us out periodically. We strongly suspect that you'll find something interesting now and then, if not more frequently.