Monday, April 13, 2009

Helmet head


philbilly said...

Take the time to get it right, Erin. It needs to NOT slide backwards on a front impact, and those little stick on pad thingies help position it and keep it from chafing. So follow the instructions,k? We need yer brain.

I have an old Bell hanging on my wall, looks like someone took a grinder to the front and side.

Unbeknownst to me, a street urchin had attempted to abscond with my front wheel. Thwarted by my looping the chain through it, he just left the axle clamp loose. Little douchebag.

There I was, flying down the street, singing "Mama Tried" in my best Merle Haggard voice. I jerked the front end up to clear a curb, whereupon the wheel just shot out.
I came down on empty forks and then rode the sidewalk helmet and forearms first. I still have some little lumpy loose pieces of cartilage in my elbows. Imagine what a jackass I'd be today without that helmet.

Anonymous said...

Good advice from p'billy. Whatever happened to that bicycle racing wine tasting guy that posted here? For that matter where's AL?
And in other news because I have nowhere else to post it...Did you know a boar goat can service a herd of 30 - 35 does? (don't ask why I would know this, or care)


Erin O'Brien said...


Tim O'Regan said...

Are you guys required by law to wear a bicycle helmet as we are in Australia?

Erin O'Brien said...

I don't know, Tim. What a twit am I!

I think it varies according to city and age.

I poked Al. I think Velvet Fog is just plain busy these days.

And yes, I WILL best this blasted helmet!

Tim O'Regan said...

My sister once worked with a surgeon who wore a motorcycle helmet when driving his car. I guess after what he'd seen that dude wasn't taking any chances!

Mr. L said...

When we were kids, we didn't wear ANY helmets or pads and WE LIKED IT...LOL....

Al The Retired Army Guy said...

I'm still alive, but I've been working a lot. I pulled a 13 hour day the day on Saturday, and then another 9 on Easter.

As for helmets, I've always worn Kevlar, known to stop 7.62mm rounds. Of course, they're not as fashionable as Erin's. However, they have a chin strap, negating the need to worry about it choking one. The new ones (the ACH, or Army Combat Helmet) is great - no need for parachutist's retention straps - just adjust for proper fit and comfort and wear. Hmmm ... maybe Erin should visit her local surplus store and see if they have one - she could be the first on her block to have one!


Erin O'Brien said...

hell's bells! now I want one!

dogsdontpurr said...

Erin~ Please make sure your helmet fits properly. Perhaps seek advice at a bike store. A good friend of mine died after hitting a small rock and being launched from his bike. Freaky.

Be safe!