Friday, March 06, 2009

The only thing I can handle right now


hoosierboy said...

I am currently listening to Frank.

IZ said...

Boy, do you surprise me! Love, Isabella

philbilly said...

Betcha the late, great Lou Kalle has a copy of this in the massive record archives of The House of Swing, ("Where Jazz is King"). I miss Lou, thanks for reminding me to stop in the House, Erin.

I got turned on to Panama Francis years ago, mentioned him to Lou, he broke out with the Latin Jazz tunes all night, people were up and out of their seats dancing by the end of the night.

The rumor was that many wealthy foreign jazz collectors, like Japanese businessmen who as kids got hooked on GI recordings after WWII, would seek out Lou to build their collections. He was as nice a guy as you could ever meet, but took no shit. I watched all 5'5" of him leap over the bar, Jackie Chen style, and perp walk a huge drunk that had stumbled in to harass the ladeez back out onto Mayfield Road, accidentally opening the door with dude's noggin.

Then he came back in like nothing happened and kept cranking the jazz. Good times.