Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vulcan mind meld?

A side of Leonard Nimoy you haven't seen before.


Anonymous said...

"But if you're talking about fine art work, then I think you have to ask yourself some pretty deep questions about why it is you want to take pictures and what it is you want to say."
Leonard Nimoy

deangc said...

I actually was aware of Nimoy's work before the Full Body Project. He is taking on a daunting task, which is to make images of (let's face it) fat women in ways that don't cater to the various prejudices surrounding naked females. He has studiously avoided standard cheesecake poses, for example.

But due to North American society's attitudes to nudity - to many people, nudity = sex - he has a hell of a tough job. We are only supposed to view photographs of attractive people, young people, fit people. The narrow-minded are apt to accuse Nimoy of fetishism, of deviance, as Jock Sturges was accused.

I applaud Nimoy's efforts. Speaking as someone who has strong opinions about photography, I don't think his project is there yet, but I hope like hell he keeps working on it.

Zen Wizard said...

I love you
not for what
I want you to be
But for what you are

I loved you then
For what you were
I love you now
for what you have become

I miss you
And not only you

I miss what I am
When you are here...

-Leonard Nimoy


That, my friends, is the most craptastic poetry ever written by a chubby chaser in the history of man!

deangc said...

And isn't it funny: of the two Star Trek characters there is Spock, the emotionless alien, and Kirk, the passionate Earthman - and yet the actors behind them are almost polar opposites. Nimoy is a sensitive artist (I say that with admiration, not in any derisive sense) while Shatner is by all accounts a hack and a bit of a jerk.

deangc said...

I call bingo! Zen Wizard with the 'chubby chaser'!

Everybody chugs.

Erin O'Brien said...

I like the pictures because they take risks. That said, I don't want to buy one and hang it on my wall, which has nothing to do with the subject matter, but the fact that Nimoy hasn't yet captured what he's after, at least to me.

I did think it was interesting that Nimoy took these.

Make it so!

Alan states said...

I liked the angled glass one - symbolism, which is what he is trying to show in his work, comes thru more on that photo than the others.

(S)wine said...

interesting, but to me David Lynch still takes the cake with his series of photos on dentistry. BIZARRO!! and wouldn't have it any other way.

Zen Wizard said...
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Zen Wizard said...

Oh, and another factor is Leonard probably got these models for cheaper than, say, an hour session of Adriana Lima; procured through her agent.

In fact, he probably just had ten dozen assorted bagels, with different flavors of cream cheese, catered in and gave them those for the whole session.

Kirk Jusko said...

This is nothing new. Go to any magazine rack in any adult book store and you'll see a least one magazine dedicated to the full-figured (so I've been told).

The lowly pornographer always seems to be ahead of the "artists" when it comes to breaking new ground.

I wonder if Nimoy will move on to MILF's.

Erin O'Brien said...

I don't think these photos have anything to do with "BBW" porn.

Kirk Jusko said...

I was just commenting on the irony of it.

Erin O'Brien said...

Yeah. Isn't it strange how obese woman are used for commentary? It's its own brand of exploitation.

But the fact that pop culture icon Nimoy took the pix puts them in a different category all together.

Anyone ever hear Nimoy singing "I Walk the Line" or "If I Had a Hammer" from the Golden Throats collections?

Erin O'Brien said...

Oh god.

Here and here.

Winters said...

Those songs are great! Dr. Spock is the poor man's Johnny Cash. Live long and prosper, I say.

Kirk Jusko said...

I think the fact that pop culture icon Nimoy sang those songs puts them in a different catagory all together.

Is Dr. Demento still on the air?

Rodger Jacobs said...

What is paraphilia and what is art? Even the Supreme Court hates wrestling with this age-old subjective conflict.

Zen Wizard said...

"The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" has a disturbing moment when Leonard goes cheek-to-cheek with a barely post-pubescent cheerleader type as I recall.

And by "disturbing," I mean, "hilarious."

So fat chicks aren't his only exception. Excuse me, not fat chicks I meant "calorically challenged" or whatever you hipsters call them nowadays.

Amy L. Hanna said...

Well Zen, there's fat - and then there's HOG. And with no reference to said chicks or caloric intake.


Full Body Parody Alert! I actually recognize the original version of some of those works, like the one done by a certain seated ensemble of supermodels back in the mid-90's (Cindy Crawford, et al) which once hung in the ladies' room of a bar I used to frequent back in the day.

Otherwise, cool art-imitating-art stuff.