Friday, February 06, 2009

A thousand words?

This was stunning to me for a dozen different reasons. Play with the controls for a minute and see how close-up you can get. Amazing and terrifying.


deangc said...

It's pretty interesting. The big images are composites: if you scan around the crowd you can find artifacts of the compositing process. But it's still amazing.

I've been tooling around the crowd looking at faces. You (a generic you, not you-Erin-you) could use this to spark stories.

dudesworthy said...

This is as cool as!

Some observations:

Don't you think ol' man Cheney looks a lot like Dr. Strangelove?

Poor old Hilary never can take a good photo eh? Although I'm surprised by how far back they sat her and Bill really...

Aretha Franklin's hat really is massive isn't it?

I always wondered what that was on top of the house and now I know, its sort of a... shield, cloak, thingy?

Take a close look at the white space near the camera stand on the right. Can you see a ghostly pair of legs?

Used to be a time when people wore top hats to inaugurations, but if you look around the distant steps to the right of that same camera stand you can see a man in a tin-foil suit.

I could do this for hours! Its like a presidential where's waldo!

B.E. Earl said...

I played around with this the other day for about an hour. Very terrifying, if you ask me.

Amy L. Hanna said...

Now everyone can play Armchair Longlens.

Kirk Jusko said...

The thingy on top of the dome is called The Statue of Freedon. One reason it's so unindentifiable, even close up, is that we're looking at it from the rear (inaugurations have been held in the Capitol's back yard since Reagan.)

If this type of technology is availiable to the general public, imagine what the CIA, FBI or Pentagon has.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I see what you mean. Someone once found a very personal piece of information on my blog by blowing a photo up - I'm more careful now.

philbilly said...

ol' man Cheney is Dr. Strangelove.

No country for bong hits, eh Mike?

I'll be boycotting Kellogs. That'll show'em.

A 23 year old guy with 8 golds gets a pass for shore leave in my book.

The rat who took(profited from) the photo will always know he's a d-bag.

And ditto the Travolta's tormentors, no sentence is too stiff.

I'm all for protecting the prez, my left side is my good side, ready for my closeup. This?, why, its a Bugle, yeah, a Bugle, that's it.

(S)wine said...

Look at Justice Thomas. He looks frozen. Aaaah, what a nice thought that is, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I can see Russia.


Julia Farley said...

They can practically spy a tampon wrapper in the middle of a crowd but not find BinLaden? WTF?

Libby Spencer said...

Privacy is dead. Someone is always watching.