Monday, December 08, 2008

Erin Live!

I will be a guest on WNCX 98.5 Cleveland's Classic Rock at around 7 a.m. EST on Dec. 9. Listen live here!


Zen Wizard said...

Ask them what makes The Eagles "a classic."

I have always wondered that--has anyone ever "slept with someone in the desert with a million stars all around"? That gets kind of cold, and Motel 6 is right down the street.

If I would have written that song it would go, "I want to sleep with you in The Bevery Wilshire tonight/With climate control and a phone to call room service all around."

After you do that take your top off so one of the Zoo Crew can make a police whistle sound.

That is always good...

philbilly said...

Balling under the Colorado stars...Booyaah!

Gentlemen, be sure to use your forearms to keep her lovely butt off'n the earth.

or, stop! drop! and roll...over.

Either way, man. Enjoy the view.

Brought to you by tequila.

glittergirl said...

i am listening right now. my husband just woke me up to listen and i'm totally not cursing him out!

deangc said...

I missed it, because I was driving while it was on and even a dweeb like me can't listen to the internets while driving. Not yet anyway.

The Eagles are classic because they were around when I was a kid and I'm old now, so therefore they're old and classic. They're old, and I'm old, and I'm a fucking classic.

(S)wine said...

classic rock=Buddy Holly and them bastids.

i, too, missed the 7 am start time; but i was actually busy reading LLV this morning, so it was for a good cause.

rock on lady!
(there ain't nothin' classic about the eagles; i loathe that kind of "laid back california" shite rock)

Zen Wizard said...

Yeah, but--The Archies and the 1910 Fruitgum Company were around when I was a kid and now I am old and I don't see anyone putting a 45 of "Backfield in Motion" in a helium-preserved time capsule for future archaeologists to find and apprecitate what an advanced society we were because we had songs with four chords.

Anyway, how did it go?

I was going to get up early but--wait I cannot lie I was never going to get up early...

I was going to rag on the station because their nickname is, "The 'NCX!"

Great slogan Don Draper--did some psychologists and some research into our inner Freudian desires with ink blots help you with that?

Then I found out that they used to call themselves, "North Coast X-treme."

Okay that is pretty good. But not copyrighting it was not so good and now another station is using it even though it has nothing to do with their call letters.

If the Eagles are so great why not call the station WEGL? Well, okay somebody already thought of that two...

Bill the wrenchbender said...

Shit! I'm a dumbass, for some reason I read that as 7PM, should have known better. Hope it went well!