Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas breath and scratch


Julia Farley said...

ooooh! What a delight to have official Erin O'Brien desk accoutrements!!!!!!

Luck lady, I say. Lucky, indeed!

Hal said...

That got me excited.

stef said...

great gifts you got there! back scratchers are a must-have for me too.

VideoDude said...

WOW! Impressive! A woman with her own personalized back scratchers. You truly are a queen!!

Geoff Schutt said...

Dear Famous Girl Reporter Erin,

Wow -- "Happy Breath" AND personalized back-scratchers!

So, are the back-scratchers for sale to your fandom? We could all be scratching our backs with personalized "you."

Now, that's a weird and wonderful concept, yes?

Happy (almost) New Year, and plenty of positive thoughts for the words. Cheers!

Anonymous said...


You ought to market it. I'd buy one!


Anonymous said...

This year's must-have gift.

At work i am always grabbing rulers, pens,scissors, whatever, to scratch my back. So this year my co-worker (who couldn't abide watching this potentially bloody practice anymore) bought me a bamboo back-scratcher for christmas-- mine has flowers on it.

The personalization totally rocks. Scratch on!


Shaina said...

i LOVE my bamboo back scratcher :-D

also, the breath thing looks interesting. where on earth would one FIND one of them?

deangc said...

If you ever get tired of bamboo, maybe I could be your personalized back scratcher.

Although there's no way I'll fit into a desk drawer.

LoDoKid said...

So, Erin... If the point of doing the breath test first thing in the am was to possibly catch you less than kissing fresh, what might we have expected from your blog post? I double dog dare ya to go sans Pepsodent until we get to see the tester yield a frowny face.. I think it would make for exciting must-see blogging, as well as act as a valuable public service announcement, a genuine real-time consumer report, if you will. And in the event that you do produce a frown face, how many shots of ice cold peppermint Schnapps will it take to make you kissing sweet once again?

Can you say YouTube Instant Classic?

John Ettorre said...

Thanks for the chuckles. And happy new year, Erin.