Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Quaylin comparison

Should Palin not appear, she will be only the second Republican vice presidential nominee since 1952 to not sit for a "Meet The Press" interview in the first cycle after being put on the ticket. The other? Dan Quayle in 1988.--Politico


emmapeelDallas said...

It infuriates me to think she'll be on SNL tonight without having done the Sunday morning talk shows...that is just not right.

philbilly said...

Or does it just indicate how much more relevant the comedy venues are over the lowest common denominator MSM drivel?

Best interview of a presidential candidate ever:

Jon Stewart;" Senator Obama, let me get right to the question all America wants to know the answer to; If elected, do you plan to enslave the White race?"

Funny stuff, and sadly accurate for some small subset of toothless droolers.

Jyotsana said...

Just in case you hadn't seen this yet:

Click everywhere :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a brave Chrisitan Patriot who would be the greatest President since Ronald Reagan.

You bra burning leftist feminazis only hate her because she will effectively stand up to your popt smoking, pro-abortionist and pro-homosexual agenda, as well as Barack Hussein Obama's attempts to launch a jihad on freedom loving Christians.

Give 'em hell, Sarah!

Lord Basil said...

The above is mine.

Erin O'Brien said...

Dear Anon/Lord, I am positively delighted to welcome you aboard.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what "popt smoking" is, but I'm lining up to try it.

Miss Sarah has no idea where the Brandenburg Gate is or what role Gorbachev played in the tearing down of the wall. In fact, I would venture to say she has no idea where the Falklands are, who Noriega was, or what the Contras were fighting for. Someone mention the names Deaver or Regan and see what she knows about them.

On the same tangent: some of your right-leaning readers will be delighted to know I waited about an hour in line (with momentofchoice by my side, as she's not able to vote in the States) to cast my vote for That One. They will also be giddy to know that North Carolina, once the bastion of gun-totin' pig farmers is now a battleground state. Looks like the bra-burning feminazis are taking over even Tobacco Road. Amen to that, bruddas.

Anonymous said...


I'm not far from you over here in Tennessee. While the polls show us solidly in the GOP column it's rather remarkable the number of Obama yard signs out here in the sticks.

Now I'm a gonna go find me a hillbilly homo and smoke some pro-abortion popt.


philbilly said...

I haven't smoked popt since 2nd grade reading class.

Erin O'Brien said...

I would like to have marywanna enhanced homersexual braless sexyouality relations with every single commenter in this here thread!

Go America!

Lord Basil said...

You people scare me. Barack Hussein Osama is a redistributionist. He plans to give tax rebates to people who don't pay taxes. That makes him a Marxist.

Anyone who votes for a treasonous traitor who is a secret Muslim and a Marxist homosexual like Barack Hussein Osama should be thrown in jail.

Thankfully, I live in a state where many good Americans live.

Anonymous said...

Groucho always got all the cred but that Harpo was always my favorite Marx.


Erin O'Brien said...

Lord Basil, baby, I just love you.

philbilly said...

Ah yes, jailing voters, are there no prisons, no workhouses, harumph.

Lord Basil, people who feign to be like you don't scare me at all. There are tattered documents in the National Archive that keep you in check, and allow me go armed in case you fucknuts ride the current vomit wave of cynicism, self indulgence and illiteracy back into power. We'll fuck you up, and it will be a good old-fashioned American ass beating, where we'll stop when you're sobbing and repentant and help you back on your feet.

The wealth you speak of was initially built in large part on the backs of slaves, in a nation that hung on far longer than the rest of the world to this vile form of market leverage.

So while you are boasting about your accomplishments over there in the State of Denial, know that you and yours are nearly extinct, and not a minute too soon.

"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members."
Marxist thought for the day.

Anonymous said...

Lord Basil:

We all have the god-given, inalienable right to fuck other adults, worship whatever gods, and think any thought we want. Obama isn't any of the things you say he is, but if he were, he has the right to be because he is an American.

I hate to break it to you, but people who don't pay taxes already get rebates. So I guess MANY of our presidents have been Marxists and redistributionists. TREASON!

While we're talking about taxes, you should know that Obama is only increasing taxes on the wealthy by 3%. People act like he's raising taxes by 20%. It's ridiculous.

Oh, and do you like traffic signals? Highways? Police officers? Military? Public school? If so, then you like wealth redistribution! What, you thought your tax contribution made that road re-paving possible? Think again! Taxes raised from really wealthy people is what keeps things moving. If they didn't pay what they paid, you could kiss all those luxuries (like BRIDGES! and PUBLIC LIBRARIES!) goodbye.

Also, I can vote for whomever I choose. I can vote for you! Or Donald Duck! Or Homer Simpson! Or George Clooney! I am an American citizen and my political beliefs, no matter what they are, do not make me a criminal.

That people like you want to throw people in jail - or would you prefer internment camps? - over a political disagreement is disgusting.

Sarah Palin has smoked pot and she also considers herself a feminist. She's cool with contraception, which means she's cool with sex before marriage. Otherwise, she'd be strictly abstinence-only like many of her evangelical Christian brethren. Also, she runs the most socialist state in the Union.

Anonymous said...

A few more things:

- The Bush administration has turned to socialism (by buying out companies, and nationalizing banks) as a solution for the deregulation mess they've created.

- Would you rather Obama raised taxes on the wealthy by 3%? Or would you rather we keep borrowing money - at interest! - from other nations in order to subsidize our expensive war habit? Would you rather the government cut "stimulation checks" to kick-start our economy? Or would you rather just let the middle class keep more of their earnings? If you want to keep borrowing, and keep enacting policies that make the dollar and our economy weaker, here's what's gonna happen: we'll face MUCH steeper tax hikes, in concert with fewer government services, across the board in the next 10-20 years. Do you want that? I know I don't.

Anonymous said...

Save your energies babies. In 10-20 years people like our good ol' Lawdie up above will be swallowed up by immigrants who will be legal to vote. Unless the RNC moves away from its racist, fanatical, evangelical base, it's on its way to becoming a hapless dinosaur.

Lord Basil said...

America will become a socialist tyranny if Obama wins. The MSM is in the tank for Obama, and these are the only sources good Americans can trust. I suggest you all grow up and look at:

Erin O'Brien said...

Lordy, you just get cuter every time I look at you.

Anonymous said...

I've decided my vote is for sale. Get Sean Hannity to suck Ann Coulters dick on Fox News, I'm in the tank for McCain.


philbilly said...

Sarah Palin smoked pot? Hmmmmm, I wonder what was she wearing.

Anonymous said...

She smoked pot when it was legal in Alaska (but illegal federally). She was probably wearing a moose-skin unitard.

philbilly said...

moose-skin unitard you say? Intriguing.

In my yoot I found that the really uptight straight-laced types got extra caraaazzzzy in the sackaroo when ripped.
Tell no one.