Thursday, October 09, 2008

Phone cam round up

The world financial markets indicate that it's probably a good time to bone up on my hunting and gathering skills. So here's a phone cam round-up to ponder while I'm doing that.

A-course I bought it.

Hey man, is that something dirty or just part of your caulk gun you dropped?

Heya baby, I found the New Items. There over here with the peanut butter and canned fish.

Why are ya yellin' at me buddy? I didn't step on ya or nothin' like that!

No thanks. I already had my Wheaties today.


Hal Hussein Perry said...

You have cute feet.

Zen Wizard said...

I wish they had, Collateralized Debt Obligations for Dummies.

I still don't know exactly what we bought.

Mone said...

The bible for dummies? LOL and a good deal for $5,99 :)