Friday, October 17, 2008

money money money money money

Even though I quip about scarlet letters, I truly detest the concept. No, I don't think convicted drunk drivers should have yellow license plates. And yes, I find the idea of sending out warning/notifications to residents of communities in which a sexual predator lives barbaric.

Any driver could be drunk. And the most dangerous sexual predators are your uncle, your priest, your coach. I'll teach my kid what to look for: swerving erratic driving, an adult that says, "But just don't you tell your mom or dad. They'll be real mad at you. All of this is our little secret."

If someone has paid their fines and done their time, we have no right to tattoo them and point when they pass by.

But oh how I'll be damned if I don't love what Anderson Cooper is doing with his Culprits of the Collapse series. I guess that makes me a hypocrite. Maybe not. After all, none of these guys has done the time or paid the fine.

Here's his list to date:

Joe Cassano, AIG
Richard Fuld, Lehman Brothers
Chris Cox, SEC
Phil Gramm, various prickdoms
Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman


Anonymous said...

Or perhaps we should adopt this manner of deterence:

Woman beheads alleged stalker after attack
India police say female farmer paraded severed head through local market


Anonymous said...

So you're saying capital punishment IS acceptable and DOES act as a deterrent?

Erin O'Brien said...

Actually, Anon, you are saying that.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Erin, I'm not sold on it. I think it's barbaric. And to answer the other part of my own question, I believe I've heard or read that it has NOT proven to be a deterrent. But if someone committed a heinous crime against a friend or family member...I can't honestly say I'd be so high-minded.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should avoid anymore attempts at barbaric humor.
Seems to me it's about time for the whole damn country to get shit-faced drunk and LIGHTEN UP A LITTLE!
Besides, nobody executed anybody. That woman dispatched her assailant all by her lonesome and said "OK you motherfuckers, anybody else won't a piece of me?"I believe that's what those folks on "The Right" call "Personal Responsibility."

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