Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life, Sentator McCain, is not fair

Johnny baby, this ain't very nice, but here are the facts: Even if you two had repeated the same word over and over and over again, you would have lost last night's debate.

First there's the superficial things we broads have been dealing with for years--a lot of which have to do with why you chose Missy Sissy for your VP--Obama is taller, younger and better looking than you. A LOT better looking. Of course, that only gets you so far. Eventually a Presidential candidate has to open his mouth. And as you so eloquently put it, Obama is eloquent. On the rare occasions when the related to also Vice Presidential person that you have selected to be importantly the second over highest person for the extreme ballot that American persons can of related to the Great United States opens her mouth, Johnny baby, things don't (ahem) go very well.

And Johnny? You just plain behave like an asshole! Your every action implies that you can barely stand to be on the same planet as "that one," not to mention the same stage.

I am beginning to think, Mr. Man, that you act like a mean old guy because you are a mean old guy!

And one last thing, baby. Behold the 20-second sound bite that moved Every. Single. Undecided. Female. Voter. onto the Obama square:


Anonymous said...

That's it. The air quotes buried him. Note the usage of "pro-abortion" term. Not really an existing movement, yes? I believe it's Pro-Choice. He's done, hopefully.

Erin O'Brien said...

I haven't read a whole lot about McCain and his first wife, but those air-quotes tell me all I need to know about McCain's attitude towards women.

Two things I wish Obama had done--like we said last night--I wish he'd evoked JFK with "ten years" to energy independence like ten years to put a man on the moon.

And I wish he'd hammered Iraqi war lies andn $$$

That said, I thought Obama did a very solid job.

Anonymous said...

Actually thought it was McCain's best debate performance. Based on the post-debate polling it didn't matter. Appears all but a very few have already made up their minds.

Obama could have ended it and left McCain in a heap on the stage. When McCain said "I'm not Bush, if you had wanted to run against him you should have run 4 years ago." Barack should have answered "Well John, you're the maverick fond of taking on his own party, if you didn't agree with his policies, why didn't you run against him."


Erin O'Brien said...

It was McCain's best debate.

Early on, I thought his "plumber" stuff was very smart and strong. Then he pushed that too far, starting looking like the mean old man and completely fucked up on the Supreme Court and abortion.

Good Christ, I've got a stomach ache.

Zen Wizard said...

Well, he's got two wars to wind down, a $10-trillion deficit, and a world banking system on the verge of collapse--take a picture now, because he ain't gonna be that "pretty" in four years!

Erin O'Brien said...

Boy is that the damn truth, Zen.

Anonymous said...


And Joe the Plumber. If he hasn't hired an agent and a media consultant to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame, HE SHOULD PAY MY TAXES!


Susan said...

McCain's lack of concern for women's health and well being came through loud and clear.

While he may have performed slightly better in this debate than usual, I thought McCain still came off as snarky and desperate.

stefaddink said...

I think you might be the only person in the world to ever call McCain "baby". And it's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

We, men, sort of revert to the early days as we get old: we become chubby, we go bald, we start whining consistently, and begin to piss our pants more and more frequently.

Zen Wizard said...

I have noticed that even JOE THE PLUMBER has looked a little haggard.


This is similar to my "West Wing"-Theory: Just PRETENDING to be president made Martin Sheen's hair go gray.

That has got to be the most stressful acting job you can have, short of pretending to be an air traffic controller.

We always wondered why plumbers charge 650-smackers just to show up and fix a leak. I guess we learned it's not just fixing a leak--it's fixing a leak--THEN DECIDING THE FATE OF THE FREE WORLD.

Boomer Chick said...

Obama nailed it last night. McCain came off whiny and condescending. It's time he went back home to his heiress wife and had Joe the Plumber over to dinner since he loves him so much.

Anonymous said...

Joe the Plumber will only make an appearance at one of McCain's mansions to unclog the toilet from all the shite this man's about to unload after November 4.

MilesB said...

I think the "town hall" format with McCain wondering aimlessly around the stage with a clueless grin on his face was one of the funniest moments of the debate season. Reminds me of the news stories of families losing grandpa who goes out for a walk and ends up missing...

Anonymous said...


I take it you don't like John McCain? I could be wrong, but the "Johnny Boy" references make me think you're less than enamored of the Senator from Arizona (that and the "asshole" reference).

I think that this was McCain's best debate performance. Will it be enough to win the Presidency? I'm not so sure, but time will tell I guess.

If McCain doesn't win, I'll get another T-shirt to wear here in good old "tolerant" Vermont. It will probably only feature the word "Repbulican." It's usually enough to send folks into thrombosis here.


Mone said...

Joe the Plumber is famous in Germany :)

MilesB said...

Over there, isn't it Polish plumbers taking the jobs of hard-working Germans?

Erin O'Brien said...

Al? Stop bellyaching and go dig out your old Bush/Cheney tee shirt. Maybe that'll win you some new little Vermont friends.

Unless of course, I'm horribly mistaken and you voted Gore or (gasp!) Kerry in the past two elections ...

C. Toth said...


First of all, I love you.

Second of all, the air quotes AND the dismissive tone on the word HEALTH sent a Handmaiden's Tale chill through my entire body. This guy is mean and creepy for sure, but that was scary.

I'm not proud of this but on the Friday after the debate while driving down Shaker Road, passing the dead fetus show in front of an abortion clinic ... I turned around, got out for my car and swore at them. Repeatedly. Not very mature and not helpful at all, but I admit it, it happened.

What I am proud of is that I marched into the clinic and wrote them a pretty big non-tax deductible check. The women inside said that the clinic serves the poorest of the poor and that it would make a big difference. I'm happy to spread what little wealth I have around.

Rachel Maddow nailed it the next day on her show the next night if you can find it.

Here she is on Hardball:

Hopefully undecided women and men will all respond to this ugliness appropriately.