Monday, October 06, 2008

John McCain's very bad day

To view the complete 13-minute film or for other links, visit The site is sponsored by Obama for America.

Still hungry for more? Rolling Stone's Tim Dickinson offers up Make-Believe Maverick.

And Barack? If you're listening, you ought to send Tina Fey a fruit basket or something. You couldn't buy that sort of service.


Divana said...

LOL - like what Jack Cafferty from CNN said: "Sarah Palin makes Tina Fey look legit." haha.

Hal Hussein Perry said...

That was very mavericky, Erin.

Anonymous said...

it's hard to tell the snl footage from the actual debate footage.

stefaddink said...

He really does need to send her a fruit basket. Fey is unbelievable! Each time she's on, I have to do a double-take to see if it's really her or Palin. I love it.

Another cool Rolling Stone article included How to Survive Cable News. I unfortunately couldn't find a link to it.

Erin O'Brien said...

The other thing about Fey is that she is that, between her clips and the infamous Couric clips, she is creating a very embarrassing portfolio that will travel along with Palin throughout her political career.

Whenever someone considers backing her, their $$ is not just buying a politician, but all those category five disaster clips as well.

What do any of us remember about Dan Quayle?


Anonymous said...

the 80s are back baby!!

Dudesworthy said...

Maybe its a little early to call it, but I think that this race is over.

There's just over four weeks left, Obama has established an increasingly strong lead, McCain is having to abandon states previously thought winnable (e.g. Michigan) and defend states previously thought safe (e.g. North Carolina).

McCain's VP pick, which initially attracted attention, is now attracting widespread ridicule.
Meanwhile Obama's VP pick has ended speculation about Obama's relative experience.

Furthermore, with the US economy deep into a financial crisis brought on by the policies of the current President (in particular the high tax-cuts that lead to an excess of credit in the market and a subsequent increase of bad-debt within the banking sector), McCain's Republican economic policies appear out-dated and tarnished.

I think that, barring some catastrophe, Obama is going to win.