Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween '08

First out is that crap "Extreme Sour" Warhead stuff. Bought it cause the kid won the "mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom" battle. Then I shovel out the Junior Mints--never really liked those effers.

Then go the Dots. Don't really like to admit it, but I do eat a package of those chewy mo' fo's once in a while. Shit gets all stuck in your teeth like sugar glue.

But the Twix? The Butterfinger Crisp? That shit is way last and if it comes down to just a few Butterfinger Crisp left in the bag, little Halloween effers might get change instead. Don't mess with the Butterfingers!

And yeah, I got cold Bud in the fridge to hand out as "Dad pops" as needed.


Velvet Fog said...

I sure wish I could come by for a "Dad Pop" and a beer would not be bad either.

shaina said...

i'll take all your junior mints--i LOVE those things ;-)
what about "mom pops"? or "babysitter pops"?

Erin O'Brien said...

Fog: Have I got a pop for you, baby. I loves me some bicycle shorts!

Shaina: I call them Dad Pops, but they go to anyone who needs them. Trick or Treating Dads always have this sort of helpless, forlorn look on their face, which I guess is how the whole thing started.

So no, although the name implies discrimination, in practice Dad Pops are for everyone!

Glass Houses said...

If you have spare time in your halloween travels should head in to Lakewood and check out "Fleshmart", the butcher shop/horror house my friends are putting on for trick or treat tonight.

"Live" butcherings, a funeral complete with real casket and ushers, and other things that go bump in the night.

5 to 9 pm. Head down Nicholson. You'll find us.

Glass Houses said...

Oh, yeah. And we have Dad Pops too.

Trée said...

Happy Halloween Erin.

NEOcreativegenius said...

Save me some Junior Mints -- I love those! You can have the Dots, though; my parents spent $$$ on braces and I spent $$ on fillings and crowns, so I'm not messing with my teeth any more than necessary!

stefaddink said...

Share those junior mints, they are my fave =)

Amy L. Hanna said...

As long as Dad - or Mom - ain't also driving the lil' ghosts and goblins around, yeah the "pop" should be fine.

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Quasi echo of amy...they no longer look forlorn, they look drunk and forlorn...(Say, has anyone ever circled back for seconds?)
Happy Halloween!


Amy L. Hanna said...

PS --

I've always ALWAYS been a sucker for Mary Janes and like horribly taffy-like stick-to-your-teeth-and-gums confections. Yummmm!