Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The best is yet to come

I have five entries in the Scene's annual "Best of Cleveland" Issue.**

Page 11: "In-spire-ing"

Page 29: "Best BDSM Scene"

Page 38: "Best Bridge"

Page 60: "Best Corner Moonstruck Restaurant" and "Best Candy Store"

It is weird being me.

**That online document looks exactly like the print publication but with more precise graphics--very cool. You can easily turn pages, zoom in and move around.


Rory L. Aronsky said...

Page 29: "Best BDSM Scene"

In that case, based on your "bottom" (pun intended) abbreviated byline, do we call you Mistress EO?

Zen Wizard said...

When tipping a stripper in Cleveland, figure out what you would tip a really hot stripper in Las Vegas--then take that figure times 62%.

Hope this helps!

Erin O'Brien said...

Uh, Zen?

What are you talking about?