Monday, September 22, 2008

Phone cam round up

Looks like the sky is falling and although I've been reading/listening to politics all weekend, I'm still just now starting to get my hands around this mother. Yes, it is true that Clinton signed legislation rescinding the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. No, I don't fully understand the SEC's 2004 decision to allow 30-to-1 debt-to-net capital ratio for the five big banks yet--but I know it was a bad thing, particularly considering they're the ones on the road to Shitcanistan. Yes, I'm still sure we don't stand a chance in hell under McCain. No, Obama does not yet have his hands fully around this mess either, nor will he clean it up in four years, but at least he'll start. We may not clean this up in 40 years.

Godspeed, America.

And that ain't a word I use very often. So to hell with it all for now. Here's a phone cam round up.

Hey dude, you dropped your Barbie leg.

What's the problem metal mister? You told all the cars how fast they were going. Can't you figger out how fast an Erin goes?

Hey Dubya? Got your lunch right here.

Even though some baddie opened up that package of fancy m&m's right in the store and left 'em like that for anybody to reach in and try them without bellying up the $3.99, I resisted! So did my kid! We went on ahead and bought a package proper. Guess what? They're not so hot. Shoulda bought those creamy-filled Lindt balls instead. Oh well.

No thanks, I look silly in sparkle pink.


Anonymous said...

Good morning, welcome to fall.

Not to worry about the financial crisis. As long as you're not a practitioner of Falun Gong you should be alright. You might want to run out and snap up one of those Rosetta Stone Chinese language programs for your kid though.

Godspeed America.

Welcome to the new Hong Kong.


Erin O'Brien said...

Amen, RJ.

Bet that Barbie leg came from China as well.

Nin Andrews said...

Well, for better or worse, we are a nation of gamblers. They say McCain is a crap shooter. Obama is a poker player. He doesn't like to take a lot of risks. But hey, this is Vegas we're talking about. Which is why we have Ms. Palin, the Vegas queen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with McCain being a crap shooter.

Not only was that Barbie leg made in China, it has toxic paint on it, and it's made several toddlers sick. I see now they've moved on to adding melamene to milk. Gotta love that.

Anonymous said...

Correction: I agree THAT McCain is a crap shooter. And, as the good Republican that he is, he believes in all that crap flowing downstream to the rest of us.

hoosierboy said...

Does it not scare you a little tha the man at the helm when Fannie Mae made the bad investments is now Obama's economic advisor?

Anonymous said...

I ain't skeered...

Team Obama is an ideologically diverse group including policy veterans such as Paul Volcker, Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers —as well as Warren Buffet.

On a lighter note (I guess) the local optometrist in my town sports on her marquee -

"The Sarah Palin Frames are Here!"


Anonymous said...

In the interest of full disclosure,

Although there seems to be a ground swell of voices for prudence building this morning if the "Bailout" legislation that was discussed over the weekend goes through the most powerful person in America for the remainder of our lives will be the Secretary of the Treasury. George Will (you know him hoosier) said yeaterday that today would be the first day of "the Paulson Administration."


hoosierboy said...

who said I was in favor of the bailout?

Anonymous said...

I didn't say you were in favor of the bailout Hoosier. I just referenced George Wills comment, and of course, he is a well known conservative that I suspected you had read.
The point being is that people that are supposed to know seem to think the way the government works is undergoing significant structural changes.