Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Monday morning prediction

Within ten days, I predict you'll be hearing something very similar to this out of Palin's camp:
I've decided to leave the campaign trail in order to be with my family at this difficult time. My special needs son Trig and my daughter Bristol both have a rocky road ahead and I intend to be next to them every step of the way.

And everyone will be all nicey-dicey about how they understand and how proud they are and how wonderful it was and they were honored and blah, blah blah. Here are the real reasons.

Obama 2008.


Helen Mansfield said...

Gosh, I hope you're right.

If not, she's well on her way to following in Dick Cheney's foot steps.

If she were to shoot someone in the face, I'd be afraid it would be John McCain.

Perhaps she should declare open season on baby daddy?

Dudesworthy said...

I'm not so sure.

If Palin did throw in the towel it would be a major embarrassment for McCain. Also, Palin clearly has great ambitions I doubt that she would turn down the VP and potentially the chance to run for President in 2012 (and that is the ultimate upshot of all this after all).

Still, what Obama said was admirable and it shows clearly the kind of change he's trying to bring.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hi Helen and dude,

Dunno dude, if you read this whole thing, you'll see it's getting really sticky. She's starting to look hill-billyish.

McCain will have to decide on the age-old Dear Abby question: Am I better off with her or without her?

That's why the "my family needs me" excuse is so perfect. And all the Elephants will trumpet on about what a good mother she is while the smart ones exhale a bigger sigh of relief than Ray Nagin did today.

You heard it here first!

Anonymous said...

here's a good argument regarding the flawed choice: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-j-elisberg/the-worst-vice-presidenti_b_122491.html

Anonymous said...

I think it's got to happen before the convention is over, if it's gonna happen at all. The players and mechanics right there in the Twin Cities(!)to get it done.

How can McCain ever defend this choice. In the superheated political environment it is obvious to everybody that this decision, right or wrong, would be a HUGE DISTRACTION.

Only one other comment. I wish Bristol all the best as well. However, had Chelsea Clinton gotten pregnant while in The White House the right-wingers would have never let us hear the end of how it was just another example of the amoral liberal lack of family values.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that there will be sad news of a miscarriage. I don't believe she's pregnant. I'd be so happy to be proven wrong. This election is one big Jerry Springer show.

Erin O'Brien said...

I HATE the way that little girl is pawn in all of this. Poor kid.

Moment--interesting comment. There is a lot of speculation about baby Trigg.

RJ: you nailed it with your Clinton comment!

How could McCain fuck up so bad? I mean this is a HUGE fuck up.

deangc said...

Ugh. It's already uglier than I thought it could get.

I don't think that the state of Palin's female offspring's uterii are 1. relevant to her ability to run a country and 2. anybody's fucking business.

Far more important (far, far more important) is the fact that Palin is not even remotely qualified to be VP. My god, she's only got a little more experience than I have, for chrissake, and I have none.

I'm hoping that this will all shake out in the next week, that those who are commenting on Palin's personal life will be shamed into silence, and that the real issues will come to the fore: 1. Palin's profound lack of qualification. 2. McCain's profound lack of judgement.

I mean, how can anybody possibly attack Obama on his lack of experience now? If McCain thought it was such a big deal, why did he select Palin?

Helen Mansfield said...

I'm wondering if Palin can technically opt out after the Convention. I mean, isn't that what the whole convention is about, adopting the ticket?

If she does drop out, her name may still have to appear on ballots. Talk about embarrassing ...

I wonder if, subconciously, McCain did this on purpose. "OK religious right, here's your girl." If he were to pick his pal Joe Lieberman now, at least he'll go out the way he wants to go out.

Alice said...

We had that EXACT conversation in bed last night!!!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is a huge mess. I'm hoping the history books will all point to these revelations (tee hee) as the point at which McCain lost the election.

Anonymous said...

Obviously McCain is an undercover Democrat operative.

Hal Hussein Perry said...

Here are two reasons you may be right:

The Gallup Poll has Obama at 50% for the first time in the campaign. Rasumussen has him at 51% (with leaners included).

These are since McCain chose Palin.

Zen Wizard said...

"Trig" is a weird name for a kid--what, did they want him to be good at math?

I was hoping for a Veep spawn named "Tagg."

*Sigh* Dreams die hard...

Oh, and good prediction; you are probably right.

Either way, in a few months we will hand the keys to the Strategic Air Command to a person with very little foreign policy experience, so he can have a "learning experience" similar to the Bay of Pigs while WE pay for his tuition.

Erin O'Brien said...

Trig Paxson Van Palin was named after Van Halen, Sarah Palin's favorite band.

I am not joking.

Jon Konrath said...

Palin can opt out after the election. This is what happened in 1972 when Thomas Eagleton (McGovern's first VP) turned out to have a shaky history with his mental health, including some rubber-room stays and electroshock treatment.

I'm wondering why the Eagleton situation hasn't been mentioned in the MSM yet, considering it's so similar. Candidate can't find anyone stupid enough to run on his ticket, candidate picks someone with minimal background investigation, newspapers turn up horrific shit about VP candidate.

Also, does Palin remind anyone of Sally Field? Go back and watch the ER episodes where she plays Abby's bipolar mom, and then watch some Palin soundbites, and tell me they aren't the same fucking person, except we haven't seen the off-the-deep-end episodes from Palin yet.

Anonymous said...

One thing the fundies hate to do is admit a mistake. She's in it to win it.

Amy L. Hanna said...

Having scrolled through the last several posts, here's but my 3 Coins In the Fountain of Reproach:

(1) Keep Hype Alive.

(2) I'm for choice too - especially the write-in variety.

(3) Maybe the caribou named those kids.

Zen Wizard said...

Naming your kid after ANYTHING to do with Van Halen is kind of strange...

Eerily, I also observed in another forum today that she LOOKS like she should be the "hot librarian" in a David Lee Roth video.

Formerly belonging to a party that thinks your state should secede from the United States, um...well, that's "Hope" and "Change," isn't it?

I mean, hoping your state would change to its own country, is like really cutting edge, and...aw screw it we are totally f*cked...swear in Little Lord Fauntleroy right now and hope he doesn't do anything really stupid, I guess...

Anonymous said...

Jon, PBS last night discussed the Eagleton/McGovern issue among its analysts. It was nice to hear it. I bet no other pundits touched on that.