Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hey Sarah?

"The question for Palin is just how much prison time a woman should serve if she chooses to abort her rapist's baby," said Connie Schultz in today's Plain Dealer.


Helen Mansfield said...

Excellent question! Because, as my husband pointed out, there will be no prison time for the righteous who will be able to hunt abortion doctor for sport, during Palin's administration.

I'll take Connie Schultz's comments one step further. Not only was Sarah Palin a half-ass politician, but now you can add half-ass parent to the list.

If one of her own kids falls off of her parential radar, probably because she was too concerned about getting her no-account ex-brother-in-law fired from his job with the Alaska State Police, how can she manage the nation?

The husband also raises an excellent question, when will the naked photos of Palin emerge, 'cause you know there have to be some out there!

Velvet Fog said...

So you aren't a big fan I take it.... EOB getting all riled up.
I LIKE it!

Zen Wizard said...

Columnists don't usually CHANGE our opinions, they are usually just good at ellucidating opinions that we already have and can't express adequately.

The linked column was a case in point for me: How was this candidate supposed to "steal" disgruntled female voters, when she holds the polar opposite view of the original "target" candidate on a fundamental female right?

I did not get that.

The scary thing on this topic would be a "Nightmare Scenario"--where McCain/Palin get elected, and then McCain gets incapacitated in some way, and THEN Ginsberg and Stevens retire, leaving Palin to pick two Supreme Court justices. (Or at least, present them to the Senate, more correctly.)

This would be in addition to all the damage she would potentially do on the federal appellate level.

emmapeelDallas said...

She scares the crap out of me!