Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dear America,

If you're looking for a president who will charge into the White House with a plan to save $3 million by putting an end to that terrible money-sink bear DNA study, John McCain is your man.

Old fat rich white guy trickle down economics, condescending arrogance and more ham-fisted American Bully foreign policy: that's John McCain!

If you don't believe it, he'll tell you for himself in the embedded links over here.


Erin O'Brien said...

I think McCain's biggest mistake was the nuanced stuff. He seemed to really dislike Obama. He wouldn't look at him, laughed and smirked at him and only accepted Obama's handshake at the end of debate because it was obligatory.

I have an eagle eye for subtleties and every one of McCain's shouted I'M JOHN MCCAIN AND I'M AN INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH ASSHOLE.

Erin O'Brien said...

You know why old fat rich white guys love trickle-down economics?

Because they get all the money!

Anonymous said...

Interesting observation about the nuances. Overnight polling shows women picked Obama about 2:1 as the winner.

That would exclude the lily white Ole Miss coeds pictured over at 538wearing McCain stickers. I assure you that, being from the south, their Diddas are fat soy bean farmers who would puke if they thought their little Delta Chi's were voting Democrat.

If you want to know what I mean when I say "Gravy-Sucking Pig" look no further than Haley Barbour, Republican governor of Mississippi.


Anonymous said...

Oh, In Re: Coeds,

Where was Sarah last night? Did anyone see her interviewed?


Harry Finch said...

My leftist predisposition aside for the moment, here is the argument for Obama (which, I believe, Ms. Cleveland 2008, you are making): let's try something different for awhile. The world's mad, humanity appears incapable of righting itself, and quite possibly Obama will be a disaster. Which means, at worst, our economy will be in the trash and our foreign policy will be in direct opposition to its stated goals. Sometimes, when the risks are greatest, they are, in truth, small.

Harry Finch said...

RJ: Sarah Palin doesn't speak for the Republican Party. She can barely speak for herself.

Anonymous said...

You know why I like trickle-down economics? Because it works. No one wins when you over tax the guy that signs your paycheck. Over taxing the people that sign your paycheck just leads to layoffs and lower salaries.

Seriously, if you wanted to do something different obama you would tax the lower class, they never paid a dime of tax in their life.

5% of the country sholders 90% of the tax burden, but hey lets tax them more. It sounds good on paper but its just passed onto the middle class one way or another.

That is why I laugh when people think democrats are better when dealing with the economy. How so, because they belive in a free lunch?

John Sheppard said...

My friends, I am a maverick.

My friends, Obama is a liberal.

My friends, I've been in the Senate forever.

My friends, I've taken trips overseas.

My friends, Obama is young. I mean, look at him. Young.

My friends, I was tortured by the NVA.

My friends... I mean YOUNG. Very YOUNG. Look at him.

My friends, I have memorized the names of foreign leaders and can remember, vaguely, meeting them.

My friends... He's young, folks! Young! Damned whippersnapper! And he keeps agreeing with me on some fundamental things! I've reached across the aisle more than he has. Because I've been around longer! He's young! Can't anyone see that? Am I the only one! I'm old and therefore have good judgment. Young people screw up because they're young. Like Obama young. That's how young they are. Very very young.

My friends... Did I mention that I was tortured? Because I was. And held in captivity. And tortured.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry was declared winner in all 3 debates in 2004. Not sure what NBC, ABC, CBS and CCN were watching? But just something to take into account. I also think kerry was up by 3 or 4 points inthe polls too. Just shows you how biased everything is.

Anonymous said...

John Sheppard,

That was a waste of a post. Do you have a point other than you think people that disagree with you are stupid? I mean they must be stupid because you and your liberal friends know everything right?

An please, don't go there that John Mccain is trying to paint Obama with inexperience and youth. Obama is just as bad trying to say Mccain is old and that he is buddy, buddy with Bush. Mccain and Bush couldn't hate each other more. You apparently didn't watch the 2000 election.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling right frisky for a Saturday so lets chat. There are people much more knowledgeable about economic matters than I. However, it occurs to me that there is a living testament to Republican economics right under out noses. Just load up in the family vehicle and spend some time driving through Alabama and Mississippi. The prosperity is overwhelming.


BTW: Alabama vs Georgia, ESPN 6:30central tonight.

Roll Tide!

Anonymous said...

You guys got nothing by snide remarks. You make no points, you just sit there and say na na na and high five as you make fun of other people. I haven't heard one valid point articulated on here accept for myself of course.

Please try to make a valid point instead of spewing hate. I know its hard, its going to invole some reading and paying attention. But I have faith, I think you guys can do it.

Helen Mansfield said...

OK Anon: McCain can't possibly cut the "frivilous spending" from the budget and programs to the extent he wants without further screwing Medicare, education, and the average American.

And, he wants to increase the military budget?

Please, explain.

Anonymous said...

Just for shits and giggles snide,

Alabama and Mississippi each have multiterm Republican Governors. The Legisaltures are conservative.

Per Capita income among the lowest in the nation. (45 and 50 respectively)

The tricle is not flowing down,


John Sheppard said...

Oh, Anonymous! We love you, pal. You and your black and white cartoon world of Liberal and Conservative!

Full disclosure: I voted for McCain in the primaries. I voted for McCain in 2000. I was an enlisted soldier. I went to a state university on two non-consecutive occasions. I don't enjoy wine and cheese. My favorite president of the 20th century is Eisenhower.

I've been nothing but disappointed in McCain since he hired the same goons who slimed him in 2000. And since he found that dim governor to run with him. (If he needed a woman, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas was available and no one would have blinked had he picked her.)

And being intelligent hasn't been outlawed under the Patriot Act. Yet.

I suggest you read a little bit, too. Try out conservative writer Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic.

Harry Finch said...

Calculating tax burden is like cooking curry dishes. Everyone has their own way of doing it. But we can all agree that it is possible to over-curry a meal. (this is a poor analogy - forget I tried it; maybe I should have said calculating tax burden is like employing italics)

But I find no place that suggests 5% of the population pays 90% of the taxes. I keep finding 5% foots 50-60% of the bill. I hate to quibble (not really: quibbling is what keeps me going), but I find the difference between 60% and 90% to be of some significance.

The point is that the minority of taxpayers bear the majority of taxes; but the counterpoint needs to be this question: Is that fair? 90% probably isn't fair. But maybe 60-65% is.

The value of stating 5% pays 90% is to kill debate. If you make that statement, which is seemingly untrue, you don't have to discuss the issue anymore.

Erin O'Brien said...

Good morning darlings and welcome everyone who's hopped over from CNN.

I've been busy spending $69.85 at the local discount grocer and carting the kids around to babysitting certification class, so I'm just jumping into the discussion now.

To the red anonymous commenter(s), my position is pretty clear, but I'll concede that McCain surely held his own last night. He presented himself to me as the classic Republican, which, in theory isn't all that bad for the country, but the last 8 years of it have been catastrophic--the reasons for which are too big to fit in this comment box, but we can all concede that we are in the worst economic and foreign policy mess imaginable right now.

Obama held his own as well--and in the exact way I was hoping for. He poised himself as a more responsible and open American leader on the global stage. I sure as hell hope he lives up to that in today's volatile international arena. Yes, that's a different approach--and please don't say "kumbaya"--but our current Big Tough America philosophy is not working. It only serves to exasperate the hate.

I was very glad to hear Obama slam the invalidity of the inception of the Iraq war (WMD) and McCain's support of it.

And to all the people who keep comparing Obama's experience to that of Palin, how would she have measured up to Obama last night? McCain's disastrous VP selection says more about his ability to lead than anything he said in the debate.

Trée said...

Our debates (format) are a joke. Neither candidate changed any minds (my opinion), nor, if you've been following the campaign, shed any 'new' light. I thought my guy did okay (not great) and in full honesty, I feel the other guy did okay too (not great). I still support my guy, but no more or no less than I did before. Likewise, I'm no more inclined toward the other guy, but no more or no less. In other words, I've seen circle jerks that were more productive than last nights debate. What a fucking waste of time.

Harry Finch said...

Five questions I'm surprised I didn't hear posed last night:

1. In the board/computer game of Risk, which continent would you first attempt to hold?

2. If you could change your wife's first name, what would that be?

3. On Wheel of Fortune do you believe it wise to buy vowels? Follow-up question: do you consider the buying of vowels a strategy or a tactic?

4. You are in the supermarket and can purchase either the Stouffer's frozen lasagna or all the ingredients and spend the afternoon preparing one. Which do you choose? If you buy the frozen meal, do you watch it in front of the television with a foreign leader? How large a portion do you serve the foreign leader in relation to yours?

5. When sorting laundry for washing, do you use a hatchet or a scalpel? Explain your mental process for deciding which dinner napkins are ready for the rag pile.

John Sheppard said...


One more: "Now look each other in the eye... and fight!"

Anonymous said...

Post Script:

Alabama 41
Georgia 30

Ranked #2 AP

Roll Tide!