Monday, July 28, 2008

Phone cam round up

Uh-oh watch out for the turd.

Jeepers mister pick-up truck guy we haven't even met and you're already being a meanie!

Get ready for the vampire invasion and I'll bring the garlic.

Toilet on the road #1.

Toilet on the road #2.

Cover for a Totes umbrella and it soooo made me think of a condom.

Purple super hero going down the drain.

Roast duck at Fire with the Goat and man was it good.

Hey Alice, don't follow that rabbit down that hallway!

Bird nest and I guess the world's a tough place sorry and everything.

My airplane made a perfect landing on this rock, Mom!


Glass Houses said...

Haha. That's fantastic.

I have the same bumper sticker, although it's on my dash rather than my bumper. (On account I didn't want to be mean to strangers)

The Spitfire Saloon is my neighborhood bar. It is located at the corner of W 117th and Franklin, where Hard Times used to be.

There used to be a skate ramp and a contraption called the Beerzooka. They are both gone now.

There is a bucket and pulley system for easy beer transportation to the sound booth, and Tuesdays are dollar can days.

The patrons are not as unfriendly as they would have you believe. Check it out sometime. Viva La Spitfire!

Erin O'Brien said...

HA! I used to go to the Hard Times. Good christ awmighty what a bar that was. Hookers, fights, cheap beer. But for some reason, there was something friendly about all of it. Sounds like it hasn't changed much.

Anonymous said...

"Henry! Madge and Fred got a new low volume toilet! Now get your ass down to Home Depot and get us one too!"


DogsDontPurr said...

Hey, wait a minute! Roast a restaurant...and is that a champagne cork I spy there? This does not seem like a recession meal to me!

Hmmmm.....I might have to tell the recession police about this!