Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Naked Erin, socks and Beer Chips

This photo of me wearing socks and four bags of Beer Chips was inspired by the following Being Erin O'Brien story.

Question 16 of this interview, which I did for my buddy Geoff Schutt, was about food. Instead of writing an answer, I decided to make a silly YouTube that featured a bag of potato chips:

Because I sometimes fall into a narcissistic pool and need to look at myself, I reviewed that YouTube not long ago. I thought it was sort of fun, so I emailed the people who make Beer Chips and sent them a link to the vid.

To my delight, the Beer Chip people responded, saying they enjoyed the video. Then they sent me a little present. I thought that was a beautiful thing all the way around. The Goat even said that I am the only person he's ever known to get a box of potato chips in the mail as a gift from the potato-chip makers.

Since I have disclosed that I accepted this gift from the good Beer Chip people (which genuinely felt like potato chip goodwill and nothing more), I am comfortable giving their product the following endorsement:

Thus far, I've only tried the Hot Potato flavor, which was excellent and the feature of the above YouTube. I expect the same from the other two flavors. The Goat has been eyeballing the regular Beer Chips and I'm looking forward to tearing into the Margarita flavored Chip Shots. Until then, I can attest that four bags of unopened Beer Chips will cover one naked Erin O'Brien enough to make the resulting photo polite.

Hello and I love you. That is all.


Zen Wizard said...

(Insert, "Picture would be complete with my Beer Nuts"-joke, HERE...)

Velvet Fog said...

mmm. chips.

deangc said...


I like midday snacks.

Geoff Schutt said...

Dear Erin,

Wow -- congrats on the chips. I am impressed.

It's a warm and glowing feeling to know that potato chip goodwill exists out there, and especially for writers. Plus, the chips do seem to "suit" you!

All positive vibes from "This Side of Paradise," and, of course, Question #16.


Nin Andrews said...

You are such a nut!

Norm said...

Bzzzt! Socks on == "not naked."

(said rule does not apply to boots HOWEVER)

Erin O'Brien said...

Okay peeps, I'll come clean. It's been very sunny here in Cleveland and I've been walking many, many miles. Hence, I have a terrible case of whitefoot that I wanted to mask for this oh-so-sexy photoshoot.


Amy L. Hanna said...

What, NO CAN OF BUDWEISER in that shot???


deangc said...

A better way to mask whitefoot is to put your ankles behind your ears.


deangc said...

OR: and this one is classier, and not in the Mongrel Porksword realm of blog-photos, you could just remove the upper two bags of chips. I guarantee that nobody would notice your feet.

Deodand said...

Which is stranger: That you made a 2 minute video of yourself opening and eating a bag of chips, or that I watched it?

philbilly said...

All that and FOUR bags of chips!