Friday, July 04, 2008


As much as I poke fun at Disney, their newest Pixar film WALL-E absolutely kicked my ass. For starters, The two main characters each have about five words in their respective vocabularies including: WALL-E, earth, plant, and Eve. Neither character uses the word "love," although you won't find two more compelling lovers on a movie screen today. The girl character is an egg and the boy character is a garbage collecting cube with Army tank-like tracks instead of feet.

Yet they are both beautiful and enchanting, brave and lush with emotion.

I could go on and on and on about the brilliance glowing behind this story, but I won't. Just go see it for yourself if you can fit it into your holiday weekend.

Confidential note to WALL-E viewers: In Walt Disney World, guests may rent electric scooter chairs for $45 a day or wheelchairs for $10 a day regardless of their health. They are very popular.

I couldn't stop thinking of all those electric scooters zooming around Disney World every time there was a scene aboard the Axiom. Humankind is moving ever closer to that reality.

Confidential to everyone: Click here for a stunning little animated short to tide you over until you can get to the multiplex.


Nin Andrews said...

Hi Erin, I love love animation. Jimmy's pal worked for Pixar-- in fact, check out my blog entry today--the link at the bottom has a really short, really funny animation. I would really love you to see it.

Erin O'Brien said...

That is a great short, Nin and I've linked it in the body of this post.

Everyone: Do visit today's link. You will not be disappointed.

Cappy said...

I plan to be lush soon. And it ain't with emotion.

shaina said...

SO GOOD. i just got home from seeing WALL-E and i loved it...and the short before it...and the credits after it...definately one to buy as soon as it comes on dvd!!!
but yeah, it's pretty scary, too. one can only hope that after seeing this, the horrible trend of disposable EVERYTHING will start to go away. because, see? this is what's gonna happen. *shudders*.

Amy L. Hanna said...

I haven't seen WALL-E, nor care to - not a Disney/Pixar fan, if not a bit wary of corporatized animated prophecies. But here's my two cents on the hypothetical:

First, @ what shaina posted - In other words, to paraphrase the script out of a scene in Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back: "We just float away ... with the rest of the garbage".

And as far as "humankind moving closer to that reality [electric scooters and the like]" as depicted - and offered to park guests - by the Disney Machine, that just might be closer to true when you also consider the sentience factor to equally "float away" with our diminishing humanity.

Scary indeed.

Anonymous said...

not a big fan of Disney either, so I'm with Amy up above. I figure I'll pass on this and my life will probably still be enriched. But also, if you hang around long enough, stuff gets regurgitated. For example...Wall-E is actually a smaller, cuter version of the robot in 1986's "Short Circuit" (w/Fisher Stevens). Man, even IDEAS are recycled, aren't they? By and by...Disney sucks!

Anonymous said...

P.S. YOur pals' animated short is kinda cute. I know we're all supposed to go "awwww" at the end, but i have to say, i really dug the whole pseudo-cyclops thing (trying not to spoil it for others).

ben said...

Awesome movie, I saw it with four younglings (ten and under) and they all walked out vowing to exercise EVERY. DAY.

As for Johnny 5, Wall-E may have similar looks (down to the eyes) but the personalities are nothing alike. A lot of movie robots are copy-cats of each other so that doesn't bother me - form follows function and all that.

It's kinda funny that in the future, with flying cars and space ships and stuff, fire extinguishers haven't changed much. Just sayin' (form follows function)

Satan said...

i know you are a cunning linguist obrien but even i was impressed you came up with that classic catchphrase

confidential to everyone

that is one of the slogans we have been considering down here

you are the best

glittergirl said...

hey there. here's my belated comments on the film:

i do not like disney pixar movies, or robots. or cock roaches. but when my husband suggested this, i remembered your review and said ok.

we had a rotten weekend, and this movie was a little lovely bright spot. "enchanting, brave and lush with emotion" sums it up perfectly.

so thanks for the belated movie recommendation!

p.s. when i searched your blog for "wall-e", i found the review, and a post about someone farting in your face at your kid's tae kwon do class. that gave me a good chuckle!