Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taking Clevelandism head on

In my column this week, I wage a battle against New York in the fight against Clevelandism.

This column is dedicated to my friend Hal Perry. Not only is Hal a native Clevelander, during my research for this article, I stumbled upon a substantial marital aid that reminded me of Hal.

Go Hal!

If you have something to say about it, email the Free Times Editor Frank Lewis. Please include your full name and city.


Hal said...

Now you know why all thbe chix look at ME and have spontaneous orgasms whenever I walk into a room.

I am the most interesting man in the world!

Anonymous said...

"However infantile it may be, I honestly felt a victorious little yes! well up in my chest when I saw those rankings."

Suggestion: When dissing New Yorkers (oe anyone else) disregard psychological motivation.

Even though from the south I have a long, strange connection to Boston athletics. So, of course, The Yankees suck! One of my favorite all time sights was the invasion of the lake bugs when the bronx boys came to town. And, oh yeah, sorry 'bout those Celtics.


Zen Wizard said...

Your premise is that people avoid mentioning, um, You-know-what-land?

I never noticed that...

I like Cincinnati, because it's named after a Roman senator. Plus, Procter & Gamble makes Gain® there. I love the smell of Gain®!

And I like Columbus, because it's a land-locked city named after a sailor...

But--that town you're from, uh, that's a good town too!

Can we change the subject now?

How did French Lick, Indiana do in the sex survey? I like saying "French Lick"...

Jeanne said...


Listen there are more manly men in Cleveland than anywhere else I lived in the US. Maybe it is the physical labor but sexy men are out there. They are so good looking, is it the diversity, the big ...lashes of their bright eyes or the easy smiles.

Great place for Sex in the City.

Divana said...

I can relate to this very much. While Toronto is popular enough to have international fashion shows, it is still an underbelly city in many respects, and always trying to pose as a mini New York. And for this reason alone we are still a very young and insecure city. It's very easy to be fearlessly ambitious when you're either the most talked about city in a country or not at all aware of how other cities in your country function. Like say, Winnipeg. Then we look at Paris, and are reminded of the Louvre. Suddenly we shrink and try to think of ways to make the CN tower look more attractive:

I try and remind myself they are just lights, and that one day a few brilliant minds will come together and work on a statue of liberty. No doubt they'll end up being French.

Divana said...

By the way, you are such a rock star to me!

Love you!


Divana said...

India beats Toronto:

All my whacky ideas have been coming to life, lately.