Sunday, May 11, 2008

Recession post vol. three with special guest Velvet Fog

I can't remember when the Velvet Fog first descended upon my blog, but ever since he has never ceased to fascinate me. He's a dad, a mondo-extreme cyclist and a wine connoisseur. His "song of the day" is always a jewel. On top of all that, the Fog pulls surprises out of his hat at every turn. For instance, this silly post earned me an email from him with the following information about the arrowhead that I was wearing in the associated photo. He called it a "point."

Your point, being that I think it is side-notched now seems likely to be a Raddatz point, which is found widely throughout the Midwest.

Raddatz points are medium sized, side notched points with triangular to almost parallel sided blades. Notches are moderate in size and tend to be U-shaped. Stems are as wide as the shoulders,which means it is the same size above and below the notch. Raddatz points are common during the Late Archaic period dating to around 3,000 to 1,000 B.C.

Hence, I learned early on that the Fog was much more than a vino-savvy cyclist. Now here are three bank-busting recession wine recommendations straight from a guy who not only admits to watching "The Biggest Loser," he also blogs about it.

Three Velvet Vinos

Two Vines Chardonnay from Columbia Crest, $4.99

This wine from Washington State should be widely available, and only $4.99 a bottle. Usually reserved for In-laws, this is a cheap wine that if tasted blind would certainly fool you. Very light, with a crsip clean finish.

From winemaker Ray Einberger: “The Two Vines Chardonnay offers fruit-forward apple and pear aromas with a hint of lemon citrus leading into a balanced crispness and creaminess on the palate and a lingering, lushly fruity finish. This Chardonnay, crafted in a lighter style designed for immediate enjoyment, perfectly captures the varietal intensity indicative of Columbia Valley wines.”

Blackwing Shiraz from Step Rd. Winery , $6.99

This is one of my favorite wines in any price range. Lots of fruit that explodes all over your mouth, with one of the longest finishes I’ve ever experienced. Be warned, you’ll drink the whole bottle.

From the winemaker: "Smells like cassis, blackcurrant, mocha & coconut. Tastes like a full, rich lush palate with cassis, blackcurrant flavors and a complex tannic finish."

Cycles Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon, $9.99

Cabernet Sauvignon can fetch insane prices. This is a Cab that can not only stand up to a meal but the 2005 vintage was the #11 rated wine of the year by Wine Enthusiast magazine. Plus, naked women on bicycles? Talk about a no-brainer.

From the winemaker: "Our 2006 Cycles-Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon has lovely aromas of raspberry, mint, and mocha. Flavors of dark fruits layered on more dark fruits wrapped in a cloak of dusty tannins. Lush and mouthfilling from start to finish, there is enough acid to support the whole structure but doesn’t finish sharp. The wine drops off at just the right place. I am declaring this the “Official Wine of Filet Mignon™”. It will also go great with BBQ short ribs, and with bigger, spicy, tomato-based pasta and meat dishes."

* * *

Naked women? Fruit exploding all over my mouth? Meat dishes? Good Christ, I need a powder just reading this!

Thanks, Fog. I can't wait to try all of them.


DogsDontPurr said...

Cheap wine deals are totally my thing. I actually opened a wine shop several years ago, figuring that even if we had no sales at all, but ended up drinking all the wine ourselves...we'd still end up ahead. How's that for a business plan!

Needless to say, we (drank ourselves) are out of business!

But if you need advice on cheap/good champagne picks, let me know. I..uh...became an expert! (Although, my advice would probably tend to be more on what *not* to buy.) *hiccup*

Velvet Fog said...

Thanks Erin.
Oddly enough I was buying wine on Saturday and noticed that the Cycles Gladiator is actually selling for 7.99. Party On!
I think I started reading your blog on week two or there abouts.

I remember my first comment was:
"That Jane Mansfield sure had some large breasts".

Alexa said...

you can't forget crane's lake and two buck chuck (charles shaw).

both a totally cheap and not too bad tasting!

Anonymous said...

oh lawdie, enough with the exploding flavo(u)rs. bring on the hooch. them's hard days, these days; no time for pausing and reflecting. just drinking.

PDD said...

Wow, is that really a photo of the V-fog? I always thought he was just another sweaty cyclist with dirty underwear. But he is totally cute! Plus, he has insight to wines, which is always a very attractive quality!

V-Fog, you're a total cutey! Weeee!

garrett said...

PDD, you are damn straight skippy correct. The Fog is a hunk a hunk of special fellow. Guy Love (Scrubs TV sitcom reference) is our secret theme song. I harbor strong feelings for the Fog.

EOB - thanks for giving the man his propers!