Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A helping of Rainy Day Woman with a side of letters

In my column this week, I reveal some secrets of Happily Ever After that they don't tell you about before they ask, "Do you take this man?"

Guess what my research source was? (See today's graphic as a hint.)

There are also a number of letters to the editor about my work in this week's paper. Most were wonderful, but the last one was one of the meanest things I've ever fielded. You can read it yourself or listen to me read it to you.

If you have something to say about any of this, please email the Free Times. Be sure to include your full name and city. Frank Lewis is the editor.


Anonymous said...

i suppose you expect that kind of comment, from time to time. as writers or artists or musicians, we all sort of do. this kind of stuff doesn't even begin to affect me; it's obtuse and so woefully subjective that it sort of stands a caricature of sorts. i don't feel bad or sorry for people who spew that kind of vitriol. i don't, as a matter of fact, feel anything at all. life goes on, or it doesn't. people with those ideas go in and out of daily reality without really making any kind of an impact. call me jaded. or un-interested. cheers.

Anonymous said...

In Re: Nasty Letter. Having read your writing about John I too felt, among the sadness and loss, some anger toward John for ripping a hole through the soul of his family. I would've never mentioned it, didn't think you needed to be reminded. I'm guessing the writer is a drunk. In AA they frequently mention the fact that we (drunks) are selfish and self-centered to the extreme. Said writer seems to be reveling in his nastiness. Typical narcissist. I'm sorry for ALL your pain, anger included. Now if you'll get me this persons address I will personally run over him with a bus.


deangc said...

Ugh. There's a stench to that last letter.

ken & jen said...

That subhead just brings back so many memories .... my father-in-law's birthday was the day before our wedding. My husband slipped and didn't get him a gift that year. Being the asshole that he is, my father-in-law made a big deal about it. I tried to make light of the situation by telling him "you got a daughter-in-law for your birthday this year." His response? "If I don't like her, can I take her back?" It's been downhill ever since! I love that article Erin - it's all so true!!

ken & jen said...

Oh - and in regards to that last letter ...
sounds like that person - not your article - is a waste of space.

Julia Farley said...

Some Peeps is just Fucktards.

You, however, rock the igloo.

Just sayin'

who flew through Cleveland recently and spent an hour with a bagel, scanning the place for Erin sightings, justonaccountabecause.

Hal said...

Wow, sorry you had to see that.

But, as I'm sure you know, you've done something right even if your work inspires this kind of nastiness, ya know?

Keep up the good work, EOB!

Doug said...

I couldn't understand where the venom of that letter could possibly come from until I read RJ's comment. Makes sense.

I hope you've put this one behind you.

Norm said...

JesusMaryJosephandPatrick, O'Brien, you look HOT in those glasses.

Oh sorry, that was off topic. Yeah, there are some pathetic mofos out there (on and off wikipedia). Shine a bright light on them, and they'll run away like cockroaches or burst into flames like Dracula.

Glass Houses said...

Hateful hateful hateful.

And hurtful.

But on the other hand, something about your writing has illicited a very strong response from Mister.

The way I see it, love or hate is better than apathy.

You may love or hate Pablo Picasso...but you know who the eff he is.