Friday, February 29, 2008


My Internet is wiggy today, cutting in and out and communicating very slowly. Wiggy Internet is wigernet.

Wigernet. I love that word!

So just three quick items to assure my fearless readers that I am still alive somewhere beneath all this white stuff. (It snowed more after I took the picture in the previous post--a lot more--and it's snowing right now.)

1. At 7 a.m., my kid to me and said, "By the time you turn 70, you will have spent nine days farting and burping." In order to protect yourself from similar assaults, do not buy your kid fact books of any kind.

2. Just reread Jong's Fear of Flying and Burgess's A Clockwork Orange. Fine, fine, fine.

2.75 I have weird masks like the ones in today's graphic all over my house.

3. I am not religious, but sometimes I love to listen to Gospel. If you're the same way, do yourself a favor and download "Come and Go With Me to that Land" by Bernice Johnson Reagon. You will not be disappointed.

3.874. Erf.


deangc said...

Love gospel. Mahalia Jackson and Etta James are two who spring to mind.

Black gospel is better than white gospel. It is full of joy and not tightassed like white gospel. Elvis got black gospel.

Norm said...

Interesting. Erf is the error function (kind of a Gaussian). erf x = (2/sqrt(pi))*integral(0,x)e^-t^2 dt.

1-erf(3.874) is approximately 4.2855E-8, which is the phone number of a pizza parlor in Cupertino once frequented by Steve Wozniak.


well, yes.

shaina said...

erf back

DogsDontPurr said...

I think norm is over thinking this.

Hal said...

Baby goat is a chip off the ole block.

Oh, and at this very moment, it's 69 degrees and sunny right now in Los Angeles.

Julia Farley said...

Ack! My computer has been wonky, too! And we here in Boston are gearing up for a March storm!!! Cool Masks, Erin!

Toby said...

Erin, they found it!

Anonymous said...

Well, Erin, I tried to leave a comment earlier and it didn't work.
I'll see how this goes.

The moment is passed but it was about Black gospel and white gospel--once you're within that genre you might find that both can rock out and move you. I think deangc might try listening to a bit more white gospel before dismissing all of it as tightassed. Black gospel might not always be joyous either, right? Mournful, too, I hope. And what is the sound of God-fearing people in song?

It doesn't have to matter whether you're a Christian or not in order to love gospel. The music and style of singing have power beyond what meaning we attach to the words. Religion has little to do with my experience of hearing folks howling about Jesus and the fiery angels, let alone singing it.

If you like Bernice Johnson Reagon, you can check out "Sweet Honey in the Rock," the all-female, African-American, acapella group she founded over 25 years ago. There's some gospel on the Harry Smith anthology too. Chanticleer's "How Sweet the Sound" CD is great. Johnny Cash "My Mother's Hymn Book"--there's some white gospel with heart.

Also, youtube New England's own Tim Eriksen doing "Amazing Grace" and "Tim Eriksen at Newport." Amazing. Grace.

Thanks, Katherine

Mone said...

you are the mask woman, hahaha.

The said...

That mask on top, I have that in my apt. for your readers, you can pick it up at City Buddah.