Sunday, February 24, 2008

Skywriting with King Tut Down at the Little Egypt

Here is a excerpt from my short story "Skywriting with King Tut Down at the Little Egypt," which appears in the anthology Santi: Lives of Modern Saints from Black Arrow Press:

The illustrated book is just beautiful, both literally and in context. It comes with a companion CD that features readings of five of the 26 stories.

The authors in this project are wonderful. Here is an incomplete list of them:

Grant Bailie

Dan Chaon

Tim Gager

Roy Kesey

Jon Konrath

John Sheppard

* * *


josh williams said...

I may just visit Amazon. I just finished John Sheppard's
Small Town Punks
I give it the ole two thumbs up, as I have given your fine novel. Write on JW

Nin Andrews said...

I love this! But for some reason I am having trouble hearing you.
But I'm hearing . . . and it's great (as always!!!)

You're the best.