Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day half dozen

1. Was it just me or did it look as though Dick Clark's embalming fluid was a few days past its expiration date?

2. This is homoerotic:

3. Outside my office window right now:

4. Was it just me or was the new and improved New Year's Eve ball on screen for less than two seconds?

5. Proof that a cocktail can get an erection:

6. Happy New Year!


Steve said...

Happy New Year, Erin. All the best to you and the family.

Looking at what is outside your office window, we had that a few days ago. Hang on to it for a while, will you? Thanks.

Amy L. Hanna said...

Hi Erin!

BTW ... Re #1:
Was it just me or did it look as though Dick Clark's embalming fluid was a few days past its expiration date?
Well, perhaps having suffered a stroke not long ago might explain his present "appearance"?

Not sure what to make of #2.

I'm glad to be back home tonight and out of #3, though. Brrr!

Don't know about #4, was busy spooking the house pets with noisemakers while toasting the hosts and friends at midnight. But that was a cool new ball.

#5 might be an equivalent of the egg sitting upright on vernal equinox.

#6 - Same to you too!

Trée said...

Happy New Year Erin.

glittergirl said...

yes, dick clark did suffer a massive stroke a few years ago, and it is impressive that he got back on tv. i have so much respect for the man.

but i am also not PC, and my boyfriend and i got a good laugh out of dick clark wishing everyone a happy "dew" year.

i know, inappropriate, but still funny as hell.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hey y'all.

I don't mean to be cruel about Clark, but I don't understand why they had to put him on again and again. He didn't look good. He could barely talk (although he admittedly wasn't foggy-headed) and it just seemed unnecessary. A quick "Happy New Year" cameo at midnight with a kiss to his wife would have been just fine.

As it stood, I felt sorry for him and what's the good in that?

Norm said...

I once had a Star Trek souvenir magazine once that had a feature on 24th century junk mail -- one envelope was a Publisher's Clearinghouse-like sweepstakes featuring your hosts: some alien dude, and Dick Clark. I LMAO'ed. I sincerely hope he's there in the 24th century -- some things really shouldn't change.

Hal said...

Any $14 cocktail should get an erection.

Jim Winter said...

I used to have a pretty decent view out the office window at the old Casa Winter. In the summer, two ducks made the swimming pool their home, and in the fall, we got some pretty nice colors on the trees.

At the new Rancho Winter, my office stares right at a tree and a street.

I'd move the office into my bedroom, but that's a master suite.

Plus looking out that window is sort of like REAR WINDOW. I'm just waiting for one of my neighbors to kill his wife as soon as I break my leg.

Charles Lambert said...


Homo yes.

Erotic no.