Monday, November 12, 2007

Michael, baby, who loves ya?

Cleveland's own Michael Symon was crowned the reigning Iron Chef last.

Symon is from the West Side like me and was a wrester at St. Eds high school, just like my longstanding teenage beau.

I was sipping martinis at the bar in Lola's before Iron Chef America was even a twinkling idea. If it wasn't too busy, Symon used to joke and bullshit with everyone at the bar while he manned the adjacent kitchen. He was always sharp and hip, but never above his people--never a nose-in-the-air sort of guy.

Congrats, baby. I loved you back in the day and I love you still.


Doug said...

I knew it. Chics dig chefs.

ben said...

Wow, I've sent an email to someone who knows the new Iron Chef.

I feel so special. Tonite's secret ingredient: (Kevin) Bacon!

Norm said...

Dang, we missed the episode because of my m-i-l's visit. Ah well