Saturday, September 01, 2007

A little boob post

Why do men call boobs "puppies?" Why do they call them "cans?"

Men just can't shut up about boobs!

My boobs.

Boob boob boob.


There is your little boob post and have a happy happy love you it's me Erin.


Jim Winter said...

What the world needs now
Are boobs, sweet boobs...

(Burt Bacharach is now digging himself a grave so he can roll over in it.)

(Yes, Burt Bacharach is still alive.)

Dean said...

We like boobs for the same reason you like thick arms, beards and guy shit. Boobs are completely female, soft warm smooth round weight.

Boobs are great.

malachi said...

All of the women I know who have had occasion to play with someone else's boobs say roughly the same thing: "Oh, now I get what the big deal is about".

EBEZP said...

Puppies with pink noses and everybody loves puppies don't they!

~d said...



BeDrinkable said...

How can a man not adore what kept him alive during his first months of life?

Dan said...

Boobs are fun to play with. I mean, haven't you ever grabbed a couple of tomatoes at the grocery story and thought: I wish I could juggle these?

Erin O'Brien said...

JW: This guy's in love. This guy's in love with boobs...

Dean: Say "beards and guy shit" again, please.

Malachi: Hi. Perhaps I should suggest a "booby-squash" intermission during the next neighborhood ladies' Bunco night. Thanks.

EBEZP: Excellent! But why "cans?" Cans are hard and cylindrical--nothing like boobies.

~d: hooters. (heart heart)

BeD: Very well said. Boobs are the fountain of life.

Dan: I don't suggest telling a woman you want to juggle her boobs. If not downright threatening, it at least implies they hang low enough to act as significantly separate entities--and no chick wants to think you think that.

Wend said...

Uh..... Was it something I said?....

FWIW, I called them boobs in the first few drafts, but I decided to do a play on words regarding the pics that Steve took of my kittens.


(Who loves them round, jiggly, sometimes-pointy lovelies, whatever they're called.)

Carla said...

Puppies, cans, jugs, melons. Yes, why indeed?

Hal said...

I don't care what people call breasts.

I just care that women have them.

Hal heart boobs, knockers, titties, and cans.

Felix said...

We're oink-oinks, darling. What'd you expect?