Saturday, September 08, 2007

I am a dork

A still from "Leaving Las Vegas" featuring Elizabeth Shue and Nicolas Cage.

A still from "Ms. Dork Visits a Hollywood Movie Set" featuring Erin O'Brien.


Toby said...

Not a dork! A picture of my favorite author. I wonder what was in your mind the moment the pic was snapped?

Dan said...

Why can't I ever get in bed with Elizabeth Shue?

Life is so damn unfair!

As for what's on Erin's mind in the photo, I'm going to say it's probably something like: boys, boys, boys, Space Invaders, boys, boys, Craft Services, boys, boys, boys, is my hair okay, boys, boys...

Am I close?

Hal said...

Where was that?

Erin O'Brien said...

Hi Toby and Dan,

I hadn't gone through those pix in the longest time. Then I was writing that Wiki post and I thought to dig them up and scan a couple.

This one is just funny to me. All the movie people were busy in another part of the studio, so I hopped on the bed and told the Goat to get a pic.

At the time, the movie was in production and I had no idea how the bed/set would become sort of famous.

It was a strange, strange day for all of us. I was 29, married less than two years. John hadn't been dead for six months.

I was sad and a bit star struck. I felt sort of like I was taking something that didn't belong to me, but then again, we were all that was left of John.

Hal: This was in a big studio in Burbank. That day, they were filming the scene wherein Ben gives Sera the "twisted soul" speech in Sere's living room.

Dan said...

Ya know, Erin? I don't think I'll ever get a handle on your age. You look like a typical teenager in all these pictures.

ben said...

Wait, did YOU get in bed with Elizabeth Shue?

(I gotta get my fantasies someplace, ya know)

Lipp said...

You are not a dork. OK, maybe a good dork... with a hair helmet.

These are cool pics, of an interesting time, and I am doing this scene in class again this week. Synchronicity of some sort.

Thanks for sharing.

Mongrel Porksword said...

I would so do Elizabeth Shue.