Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I drive a Mini Cooper.
I think it's super duper.
When I step on the gas
it goes real fast.
Until I go by a State Trooper.


~d said...

I like this. Umm, (limerick?).
I like it regardless of whether it is a limerick or (s)not.
~d heart Erin

Nin Andrews said...

Yes, me too.

EBEZP said...

I like it but it is silly!!

EBEZP said...

Erin you left these in the Gutter.

Norm said...

Shoot. I was trying to think of more rhymey-things to go with but I cog completely stuck on "pooper."

jamwall said...

At nighttime you could always keep the pedal firmly planted to floor, whip around a corner, kill the lights, get off the first exit, hide the mini cooper in a patch of bushes as the state patrol car cluelessly drives by.

Well, maybe you could do that...probably not, but it would be way awesome.

josh williams said...

A cooper is a barrel maker so I my guess that your car is named after midget barrel makers. Now that is sooo cool.

Hope Dangling said...

will you marry me?