Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ghost story

My dad used to call the conical salt bins you pass on the highway "road tits." If there were two, he called it a double road tit.

"There's a double road tit."

While driving, sometimes Dad would reach behind the seat and tickle my ankle. That meant hi i love you. Sometimes he'd form a letter C with his fingers and thumb and make a back and forth shaking gesture. That meant get me a beer.


Cappy said...

Those things need bras.

Hope Dangling said... how sweet. this was so sweet, really...thanks sister!!

EBEZP said...

Nice is a word I don't like - most times it doesn't say enough or quite the right thing but ahhh Erin that was 'nice', really nice.

Doug said...

My dad would undo his belt buckle. That meant, Shut the eff up or you'll be sorry.. We did.

CP said...

My dad used to say the same thing about the salt bins.