Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nasty sexy?

"It’s funny and sexy and nasty-sexy and sweet."

That's what Doug Hoffman had to say about my novel. Who doesn't need a bit of that in their life? Yay! Here is the rest of the review.

Thanks Doug.


Jesus Toast said...

"It's unfunny, not sexy and smells like old stagnant basement air" si what my wife had to say about my, "hey look what I've got" naked dance I did last night before I went to bed.

So we're kind of getting the same reviews, except replace "kind of" with "not at all".

~d said...

God, Erin, I think that I am going to TRY to tell you what your book did for ME...b/c all these other reviews tap dance around what it did for me.
And, besides, I need to try without the fear of failure

EBEZP said...

You see I like the expression nasty sexy and put with funny and sweet it's really quite a nice picture!
All in all Doug does eventually like the book and it all fits in quite well.
Confession Erin......Didn't even get the book started in Paris, no time but you'll know when I've read it and I'll do the same as ~d, I'll write the review from my perspective.

jamwall said...

he mentioned the "great ass in those levis."


actually i've been reading a lotta stuff lately, but its mostly nonfiction stuff. science and stuff like that. but i'll need a break sometime with a different genre. why not a novel from someone as awesome as erin o'brien!

jamwall said...

i've been working (in my head) on a play. i have characters but they have no concrete character yet. still in development. i'd love to see how you develop your characters. it sounds like you do a wonderful job at that.