Monday, March 26, 2007

ErinCam Live! 8 p.m. EST Monday, March 26. Liquid Love Raffle drawing.

We have a winner!

It is a non-blogging anonymous entrant from down south, initials D.B.

Congratulations D.B. My Liquid Love is flowing its way down to you as I type this baby. Thanks to everyone who participated in comments and entries. What fun blogging is ...

Light, love, and all things good--



Corn Dog said...

YAH! Your ba-a-a-a-a-ck! As you can see, the goat held lessons on how to speak like him. baaaaaa. Then he gave us all whiskey. He's a great and funny goat. (hiccup)

Toby said...

I didn't win yet?

~d said...

DAMN, sister...I was so thinking I had missed this!
(waa booo hiss...)
if I win (coff-coff) and am not present at the time of the drawing...
uhhh, will someone holla for me?

Dean said...

Hey, we want more Erincam. All Erincam, all the time.

D.B. said...

Holy shit!!!
This is a first! Thanks Erin- this is gonna be interesting...

josh williams said...

Cool beans, I will send you my address, thanks again JW...aka DB

Doug said...

One could call me "Doug Baby." If it means I win, you could even call me "Dougie Botulism."

Aw . . . to heck with it. Now, HOW do I go about buying that video the hard way?

(*snicker* he said HARD)

Hal said...

This was fixed!

Erin O'Brien said...

People. People. People.


"Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion" is available for purchase:

On the Liquid Love homepage

On Amazon

And on various discount 3rd party sites.

So there you go. Happy Ejaculating.

Your loving hostess,

Miss Erin

nadina said...

little squirts all around

~d said...

I need to quick, quick change my last name!
I am in the south!
*congrats db!*

Jules said...

i was hoping that I would win.. oh well..

happy squirt squirting D.B.!