Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rain Day Woman, vol. 10

In my column this week, I reflect on the industrial bridges of Cleveland. Read it here.

Please email the Free Times if you have comments. Frank Lewis is the editor.

The massive steel structures also captured my loving eye last summer. Hop on over here to see a set of Flickr photos that represent the results.


Jim Winter said...

Most cities, it's the skyline that defines it, esp. Chicago and New York.

Cleveland, I think, is defined by its bridges, even though it now has three distinct towers.

And would you believe I found a place with a Sohio sign still hanging? It's on a dock in the Ohio River in New Richmond.

Toby said...

Once again - wonderful and thought provoking.

Corn Dog said...

HEY! SIGNED book, CD and presents came TODAY!!! YAH! Thanks so much!

josh williams said...

Great work, I will do you a favor and not email your editor... Maybe I will when the beer that was forced upon me wears off.

Mone said...

After looking at those pics I feel small.

Great story Erin.
I have some flowers for you on my site :)