Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rainy Day Woman, vol. 6

In my column this week, the Bad Airline Ticket Counter Guy awaits you.

If you have something to say about it, please email the Free Times. Frank Lewis is the editor.


Jim Winter said...

I generally don't have ticketing problems.

Well, actually, I do. Orbitz thinks it's funny to schedule a 40 minute layover in Atlanta.

On Delta, which can't get anywhere on time even if it adopted the cable company's patented definition of "on time" which is "anywhere in a set 4-hour window."

OTOH, I was highly entertained at BWI two years ago when a gentleman pitched a temper tantrum at the Delta gate because his flight left without him. See, he had a meeting the next morning that would make or break his career, and it was Delta's fault the next flight for his city was at 11 PM that night. Why'd he miss his flight?

He was busy flirting with the Starbucks girl, who ignored him once she spotted his wedding ring.

Yeah, that was the airline's fault.

That's what he told the two nice armed men from TSA as they guided him to a secluded locked room for a nice cup of coffee with two more guys who looked like extras from THE MATRIX.

wwwriter said...

Erin, my darling, do I sense that maybe you are NOT the moral compass for all of mankind?

Another good piece…bravo!

To the fella' who left such a PLEASANT comment about your last column—which I thought was your best yet---EFF OFF, buddy! You obviously don’t understand the term alternative news—which is what the Free Times is. My gorsh, if I wanted to read ordinary bullshit watered down with “play nice” and “be a good girl now, honey” overtones, I’d read the locals.

Ok…I feel better…(kinda')

write-on, baby!

PDD said...

If they would have to inspect your IUD after having set off an alarm, it would only be fair for them to offer you a few of those $7 bottles of beer free of charge. That or hope to almighty that wonder boy is worthy of utlizing it just the way it was intended to be used.

Anonymous said...

my most disconcerting airport experience was caused by the jokester (read sadistic) airport security screener. "check her bags extra well, hank," he said to the x-ray machine operator. "she looks like trouble."

turns out he recognized me from the bar from the night before and thought it would be funny to scare the crap out of me on my way into the terminal. yeah, really funny, J-ASS.