Friday, July 07, 2006

Stupid things I own, vol. seven


Helen Mansfield said...

Hmm. What exactly is it that you don't get about the kid putting Laffy Taffy in the freezer?

You own the head of a mumified Sleestack for cry-eye!


Denny Shane said...

Hey! No fair! I've seen that can of soup before! If you're going to show us these things, please do not duplicate! Unless it is nude pics of yourself. ;)

Dean said...

He looks kind of happy.

I see that someone glued felt to his sawed-off parts.

I'm rambling because I have no idea why O'Brien would own the sawed-off felt-glued head of a tiny laughing saurian.

Eve said...

Ern- this is DEFINITELY the best one thus far. Fucking sick ;).

Jozee said...

High Art meets Natural History.

Everthing's sparkling. There'd be dust in my pic.

Eclectic is goood.

Any meatloaf left?

Toby said...

The ash tray is so very retro. I used to have a Pirana on a stick. Similar to this except there was a stick about five inches long between the fish and the base.

Brookelina said...

Where's the rest of this moose?

Anonymous said...

I bought the same thing, only the mouth is open wider and a plastic photo frame has been slid between its teeth. I gave it to my brother, and he put one of his wedding photos in it.

Vince said...

You're supposed to keep that in your gardin to scare the cats away.

PDD said...

Ah, another ash tray.

Erin O'Brien said...

Helen: I wonder if the Sleestack died from eating the Laffy Taffy.

Denny: Doesn't everyone measure their stupid things against Warhol-inspired soup cans?

Dean: O'Brien has no idea why she owns a the sawed-off felt-glued head of a tiny laughing saurian.

NG: Oh dear! It's all downhill from here.

Jozee: I think the saurian ate the meatloaf before he ate the Laffy Taffy and died.

Toby: Too bad you got rid of it. We could have traded.

Brooke: I at the rest of the moose.

Anon: A new spin on bridezilla. That is beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Vince: I have my husband out there for that.

PDD: All this talk of ashtrays, I'll take up smoking again.

~d said...

STUPID things I own?
Whats so stupid abt an alligator head-a retro ashtray and the Andy soup can again?
I have a can of Pork. CANNED-like from the FEMA dudes last September, I have a great Jack Skellington cookie jar-that I use as an arm-waa decoration. The only thing on the arm-waa.

And, what else do I have?
blue elephant freezie things that you use as recylcalable ice cubes.

Dean said...

I have Castle Lego which I've had for years, and which was a stupid thing that became unstupid when I had kids.

My problem is that I think everything I have is cool. I am obviously not as perceptive as O'Brien.

Oh, The Joys said...

You could start your own stupid things store with this great stuff!

Toby said...

Hmmm. I don't even know where it went. I moved a lot when I was young and my dog was hungry. She was very ammune to shalack, it's made from bugs. Full of protine. I lost a few end tables back then too.

josh williams said...

When I was around 5 or 6 I had a pet alligator for about a week before it died, I had named it Alvin.
My dad told me that if we gutted it and dried it outside the hide would be preserved kinda like those stuffed fish you see on the walls of seafood reasturants, musuems and lots of other places. So we gutted Alvin nailed his 1' carcass on a tree nose down and he began to dry, all was going as planned. After that I think he just disappeared, I'm not sure if he disappeared or my mom got rid of him, same thing I guess...I cant think of any soup storys ...

~ good girl ~ said...

Hi Erin,

Thanks for the chuckle but what I'm really interested in is Monster's dentist's number. For everything this poor thing has lost, he's kept quite a few of his pearlies. It's very hard not to be impressed.


~ good girl ~ said...

Oh yes, I forgot to thank you for the link to MRBFK. Really enjoyed that. GG

Erin O'Brien said...

*welcome* to Joys and GG

~d: A can of pork. Nice. Now dig this pork, baby.

Yes, Dean, it isn't easy to admit that you own stupid things. But one day, we all have to stand up and say, "Hello. My name is Dean and I own a stupid effing Lego set." You'll know when the time is right, my friend.

Oh, the Joys: And just how much are you willing to pay for the alligator head, baby?

toby: I have your end tables. I used your shellac to spruce them up. I don't know about the dog.

Josh: As you know, I have always been fond of you. Now that I have learned you named your pet alligator 'Alvin,' I am hopelessly in love. (And I think Toby's dog ate Alvin's carcass.)

~good girl: I neglected to mention that we brush and floss his teeth daily. Like you said, he's lost so much, it seems the least we could do. No dentist though, insurance wouldn't cover it.

mushroom said...

Never smile at a crocodile

jamwall said...

i could definately defeat this croc!