Thursday, February 16, 2006

Love is

I go to my kid's school for a teacher-parent thing. I wait outside while the teacher finishes up with another parent. The hall is lined with pink and red construction paper hearts.

"Love is ..." is printed at the top of each heart. The labored print of third-graders follows.

" ... when my Mom and Dad kiss."

" ... when a girl and a boy get married."

" ... when my Dad makes my Mom coffee."

" ... when your whole family is together and everyone hugs."

" ... when my Mom puts her freezing feet on my Dad and freezes him."

Guess which which my kid wrote.

I must say, she did it with much greater economy than I did.


PDD said...


FLAMINGO1 said...

Erin, you clearly have an Erin, Jr. on your hands. Hang on for the ride!!

Sherpa said...

your kid is awesome.

kellywalters said...

good mother of god! I guess I really do love dan!

Dan said...

Gee used to do this all the time... :D such cold little paws of ice.

Bill Fitzgerald said...

I made my wife read this and the linked piece. She laughed at first, then not so much. I think the problem is that I am the writer and the heater.