Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sunday Morning Share Time #8

Happy New Year.

I will report on something small and nice to kick off 2006.

This is sort of a commercial, but one well earned. Tell City Pretzels has been making hand-made pretzels since 1858. Their salty, crispy, crunchy hard pretzels are unlike anything I've ever had. They are just wonderful.

We order the "light" salt, and find it plenty salty for our tastes. I also prefer ordering "whole and broken pieces" because I like the wierd, bite-sized shapes that come in the bucket. Alone, with cheese, with beer, anyway you eat these, they are worth the price ($10.25 for a pound of pretzels? I pay it happily, these babies leave Rold Gold in the dust).

So there's a delicious salty tip for pretzel aficionados and anyone who is seeking out something different and surprisingly traditional and simple and wholesome.




nicole said...

They got anything for a hopeless sweettooth such as myself? Any chewy, sugary things?

Or should I stick with Auntie Anne?


Erin O'Brien said...

To ngregory00--Check out the Candy Blog, listed on the right hand sidebar of my site under "links". She is fabulous! You will want to eat everything she reviews, from cheapo kid candy to sophisticated international chocolates. I love the Candy Blog.

Stephanie Powers said...

I am at an advantage. I have always known you to have the most willing tastebuds. You cook very well, you attempt new and exciting dishes (e.g. ham-a-thon - did it for Christmas, now on day 7 or 8 myself, burbon flank steak, cheese on anything, salted licorice, pickled octopus in a jar). If you ever decide to award another honor to your bloggers may I suggest sending the winner one of your provocativly tasty care packages? Or better yet describe to your readers the ideal food package for tsunami/Katrina vics, fruit baskets to Paki heads of state (they've been swell), or maybe what to put in a happy meal to Ken Lay. Would ya, would ya, please.

PDD said...

I predict candida.

Stephanie Powers said...

Psychic Dumb Dumb,
Love your way! Fast becoming a fan of your thoughts.