Saturday, January 14, 2006

Stupid things I own, vol. one

Planter with cactus. Soup can inserted for size reference.


zanytwo said...


Erin O'Brien said...

Why not?

J to the fucking C said...

I have 3 of those... and a chia garcia.

FLAMINGO1 said...

What is a Chia Garcia? Is it a statue that resembles Jerry Garcia that sprouts hair?

Melanhead said...

I quite frankly don't know what to say.

Satan said...

jesus christ is such an ass mangler

he doesnt have shit

i have one like that on my fireplace mantle

jesus christ lives with his dad

does your dad let you keep stuff in your bedroom loser

i bet you cant bring chicks back to your dads house

my place is so much better

come stay with me

erin i want you to join me in hell

Erin O'Brien said...

Satan, believe me, I have committed an array of acts that will undoudetly lead me to you, so just sit tight. And might I suggest a little Oil of Olay and a gentle cream-based cleanser?

Satan said...

i will wait for you erin

dont let jesus christ come around here to try to change your mind

Erin O'Brien said...

Satan, although I am beside myself with joy that both you and Jesus Christ are visiting me, let's face it, JC's come-hitherness is pretty lame compared to yours.

Based on what I've seen here, it's no wonder everyone flocks to you with careless abandon.

Any luck with the skin care suggestions? Aveeno's also got a new ultra calming lotion you might want to try. Image, baby, it's all about image.

JC darling, please don't be angry with me. I speak only the truth.

Stephanie Powers said...

If you don't share the damn matador lamp I'll leap from a third story window.

All this bickering between Christ and Satan. Where's Al-Quaida (spelling?)in all this? Do you think there are many muslim chia owners?

I think Minwax super strength furniture stripper might work nicely on Satan's complexion problems. Highly recommend it in fact for those unsightly black heads.

Stephanie Powers said...

Should I cease and disist on the blogging?

Stephanie Powers said...

Sorry, desist.

Erin O'Brien said...

Dear Ms. Powers,

We here at the Owner's Manual welcome all. Saviors, Satans, defunct 70's television celebs, those suffering from vaginal infections, yanomamos, even Republicans.

So by all means, feel free to continue with your comments and your hostess as well as your fellow visitors will continue to enjoy them.

Stephanie Powers said...

I love you. You know that.

My ofspring still shines the red lantern.

Melanhead said...

Allow me to be the poster child for vaginal yeast infections.

nicole said...

I wouldn't call it "stupid" so much as "off the beaten path." And there's nothing wrong with that!

PDD said...


May I suggest Satan use Saint Ives facial scrub?

(I'm still laughing about the moisturizers)

Erin, I think you should post a picture of your martini shaped lamp. I really would like to see it.

cube said...

Looks like an under-endowed chia pet.