Saturday, January 28, 2006

Six days with Garrett

Since Garrett has been giving his book review one installment at a time (with what looks like it will be twelve in all), I haven't been posting all of his words here, but instead offering links. I thought we'd celebrate the halfway point by posting his "day six" in in its entirety.

"On Harvey & Eck - DAY SIX
posted by Garrett on January 27, 2006

So OK. Those most recently read pages contained some touching stuff. Damn that Erin. Human beings - the characters in this novel included - are so complex. So I am learning. But seriously, how is a person supposed to make snap judgments about other people under these circumstances? Doesn't Erin know that life would be so much simpler if first impressions could be trusted. If first impressions could be accurate. If there wasn't another layer to the onion?

I am a father of two daughters. Fathers of daughters, the choices you make in your life will have far-reaching ripple effects. And if you buy Harvey & Eck, which you should if you like books, Erin will show you one of them (ripple effects).

Thanks for the heads up, E. A pen in the wrong hands is a sledgehammer. Good lord.

Confidential to Erin: When I read about the New Year's Eve Frank-N-Stein party, I thought of that scene in There's Something About Mary. Where the paramedic asks: "Is it the franks or the beans?" For a New Year's Eve party featuring partial nudity and beer, this seemed about right.

P.S. After I finished reading the first letter of this session, I realized there were but three squares available to me. And that number proved to be quite inadequate. Because I needed two of the squares to wipe my eyes. Damn that Erin. How's that for the law of unintended consequences? Times like these, I wish my employer would wash my clothes."

Thanks, Garrett darling. I will crank up the purr machine and stay tuned.

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