Friday, October 28, 2005

Acting like an adult

My husband and I go and buy the Halloween candy yesterday while the kid is in school. This way, we can hide it before she comes home and we won't have to hear "can I have just one can I have just one can I have just one can I have just one" nonstop until the day of days is upon us.

I pull the KitKats from the grocery bag.

I look at my husband.

My husband looks at me.

We look at the bag of fun-sized KitKats.

"Just one?" I say.

"Couldn't hurt," he says.

"And isn't this the real advantage of being a grown up?" I say.

He nods.

We wipe out the entire bag.


Garrett said...

That Jane Mansfield had some enormous breasts.

PDD said...

I truely loved the comment posted by you to Doob LaVay. (or whatever that sites named) I think you might be right about the whole clitoris thing. Your comment moved me so deeply that I had to take a gander at your site.

So far, I have only read your most recent blog - this one of course, which I liked, and after I finish this comment, and provided by boss does not come into the office, I will continue to read the rest of your blogs.

Take care and I'll visit back.


Erin O'Brien said...

Oh garrett,
Is it my imagination or did I spot you wandering aimlessly in a Female Jungle?

garrett said...

Erin, good to hear from you. Unfortunately you are speaking to an imposter. (an un-postor?)

This Garrett (the real one) know how to spell Jayne Mansfield. This Garrett (the real one) is also too polite to comment on chick's racks in a public forum.

What is a Female Jungle?

Erin O'Brien said...

Regarding racks and garretts and candy bars and pinups and movies: Ja(y)ne Mansfield's film career started with Female Jungle in which she played a dancer who performed at the Kit Kat club.

garrett said...

I wonder what is the weirdest place she ever left a bra is? I wonder if her rack would still look good today after enough Coors Lights?

FLAMINGO1 said...

Jayne Mansfield's daughter is now an actress, I believe. I think I heard her on NPR just the other day. She is on one of those police/crime scene shows that I never watch.

After enough Coors Lights, even you have a nice rack, Garrett.

I want candy.

Dongley Shlongford said...

Her daughter is Mariska Hargitay
on Law and Order SVU.

While not on the order of her mother's rack, it is still pleasant to ponder on...

Now, if you'll excuse me, my map of the Galapagos Islands is nearing completion....

Eddo said...

Once again, a great post. Simple. Great.