Thursday, February 17, 2011

Phone cam round-up with guest entries and mystery items!

A guest entry forwarded by a Dark Arts enchantress who kept the photographer's identity a secret. For the record, "Baaaaa says the goat!" is a factual statement.

No way would I disobey that sign.

I wonder if the guy who made this sign is named Barry.

Time for some Boonesbarry!

This way to heaven, folks.

Welcome, mate, to the land of Down Underwear.

A zygote abandoned in the snow.


Dubious Erin at 3:42 p.m.

Mystery machine.

RIP Mr. Mouse. Or is it a rat? Dunno. (For reference, that is the edge of my shoe at the bottom of the photo.)

I want some damn $.69 Sissors!

* * *


Anonymous said...

I'm not for certain, but for what it's worth, I think that mystery machine is an old timey pill counter from a pharmacy. At least, that's what it looks like from here.

Kev D. said...

Bluebarry for the win.

Judy said...

cute pair of undies...

Hassgropper said...

I believe the "down underwear" might be better labeled..."this way to heaven folks"

Erin O'Brien said...

I was just WAITING for someone to take that bait, Hass. Welcome!

Hal said...

In case anyone was wondering, the first sign Erin posted is in the window of Seattle's truly excellent 5 Point Cafe, and the sign orignally said "Cook on Duty," as the 5 Point is a 24 hour eatery, only some wacky guy covered up part of the first "C" with gaffer's tape to make it look like it does in the photo.

The 5 Point is as much of a Seattle landmark as the Space Needle, and if you read about it on the main page I linked too, you'll see that this stunt is pretty much in keeping with the owner's tradition of muckraking.

And no, I was not paid a fee for this post. It's just a truly cool place - the quintessential dive bar, and if you're ever in Seattle, you owe it to yourself to stop by.

Anonymous said...

The Dark Arts enchantress loves you.



Jon Moore said...

The mystery machine is no mystery at all. But I will not enlighten until others have had their chance.
Joshua, thank you for the chuckle.

rraine said...

that's a rat, and a mildly decayed one at that. you do find the best stuff!

Leslie Morgan said...

Those red drawers droop toward the back. I don't believe I'd wear them.

When I was a teen, back when we rode a dinosaur to the store, our choice was the Boone's Farm LoganbArry which probably doesn't exist any more.

Nin Andrews said...

Love these. As always. I like the dubious Erin.
Always on the lookout. And yeah, the undies.
Some items are not meant to be worn for more
than 5 minutes. Me, I wear those big motherfuckers.
All the way up to the nipples.

. And I have a question I think maybe you can answer about Sarah Palin. Come to my blog and tell me if you know? If you are willing, that is . . .

Daniel said...

I have this urge to tell you a story.

Maybe four or five years ago, I was home alone watching a movie or dicking around on the intarweb while drinking large quantities of IPA. While I don't like to admit how much I can drink at times, I have to be forthcoming about it for the sake of the story.

I saw something on the floor, running from right to left. I couldn't focus on it, though... I was so intoxicated that I wasn't sure if it was a hallucination. Considering I once found a raccoon sitting on my couch a previous night as I studied for class, I had the benefit of a doubt enough to do something about what I thought I saw.

I lived alone, and I had just gone through a pretty lousy breakup. I'd be lying if I didn't say I let the condition of my apartment go to shit, but I didn't think it was mouse-livable worthy. That guy, real or not, had to go.

And so I hoisted my 200 pound hide-a-bed couch up on edge, moved the wall unit, moved all the empty 40's and miscellaneous beer bottles... and I found that little fucker.

And he was so cute.

He was in the corner, nose buried up against the wall, trembling... and there I was, moving mountains and probably scaring the hell out of him. And so I gingerly, and with the utmost care, proceeded to extract him from the corner using a set of chopsticks so as to avoid getting the rabies.

I released him outside. From my second story balcony. Now that I'm sober and thinking about this, I hope he didn't die from the fall.