Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh no, Mr. Bill!

I loved all eight and a half minutes, but EVERYONE needs to see the Bill O'Reilly clip that Stewart introduces right around the 1:10 mark.


Elisson said...

Must've been pissed off because his toupee was too tight....

Anonymous said...

Saw this earlier. Talk about a "beautiful comeuppance."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that one. Great way to start the day.
That man never fails to make me truly laugh out loud. He is SO on The List


Kirk said...

It would be nice if the "liberal" mainstream media exposed those contradictions.

Lord Basil said...

Fox News is the only outlet for truth left in this near totalitarian age of Obama.

Rush Limbaugh has suggested that the 2010 and 2012 elections might not be allowed to take place. Fox News will be the only reason they happen.

Leslie Morgan said...

Good Lord, Basil. Those are some truly shocking statements.

garrett said...

Unbridled hilarity (maybe a little long; the first half was really strong, the second good)!!

How do those guys find all those clips? There must be some sick dudes running around The Daily Show. The hours of drivel through which they must sift to find these gems. Wow.

Actually, it just occurred to me maybe it's that there are people somewhere who keep track of sound bytes like baseball people keep track of statistics.


But if FOXNEWS is the liberals, doesn't that mean Jon Stewart is a conservative? They're not really on the same side now, are they?


Al The Retired Army Guy said...

How convenient.

I could do the same bullshit with any number of liberal commentators. Sound bites are a wonderful thing. Especially when there is a lack of context.

BTW, I don't bother to watch Jon Stewart, but I have read his book.


(S)wine said...

Al, you should. I watch Fox News, believe it or not. Always good to check out what the other side is doing. But if you were to watch Stewart, you'd see he busts Obama's balls quite frequently.

Anyway, in the end, for me, there's no difference between the fuckos at CNN or MSNBC and the fuckos at Fox News. News outlets are owned by corporations so...there it is.

As Erin knows, my Twitter account is set up to be a virtual/literal news wire and I follow AP, AFP, Itar-Tass, Reuters, Xinhua, Al-Jazeera, and a handful of major newspapers (yes the NY Times, the Wash. Post, but also the Wall Street Journal, the Wash. Times).

Getting your news fix nowadays entails cross-checking and double-checking. Fox News is hilarious man. It's a constant source of great laughs. As is The Daily Show. In a slightly different vibe, though.

Anonymous said...

"Sound bites are a wonderful thing. Especially when there is a lack of context."

GOP Attack Politics 101.


Anonymous said...

And...In Re (S)wine...High 5!

It's time progressives in this country accept reality. Wall Street wrote the stimulus package and the healthcare industry is writing healthcare reform. There needs to be a "New Left." I'm looking for a new party. If I'm going to waste my vote I might as well waste it with like minded people.


philbilly said...

Welcome aboard, RJ

VideoDude said...

Anyone who thinks FOX News is a unbiased satation needs to double check all facts. FOX News is the worst excuse for a "News Service".

Lies reported as facts!

Give me a break Lord Basil!