Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ain't she sweet?

I just watched Matt Lauer's interview with Ann Coulter on the Today show. She's promoting a new book, which will undoubtedly earn her plenty of money.

"Any societal problem is a problem of single motherhood," opined Coulter.

That beauty comes at about five minutes into the attached clip. I wonder what she thinks of Bristol Palin. Hm.

I could probably gas on for pages about why Coulter is detestable, but she does such a good job on her own, why bother?


Anonymous said...

What is sad is that, when you walk into Borders wondering why your friends books aren't selling well, you always see this smug bitch's face on the new release shelf.

Personally, I think her books should be in the toilet stalls, but that would back up the toilets.

Too much crap does that to plumbing.

Anonymous said...

Dude looks like a lady. WJM

Erin O'Brien said...

There is a trick women have that works on men entirely too often: Grow your hair long and dye it blond in order to be sexy.

Coulter tries to use that trick.

But, at 47, her bitterness is becoming more and more difficult to hide with a thinning mane of dyed hair. Look at the line of her mouth when her smile slips. All the money and book sales in the world can't soften her.

Dumb broad.

Anonymous said...



Steven Gould said...

Try this lovely Coulter/Franken interaction. Franken definitely wins.

Jen said...

i'm gonna skip the video. trying to eat my lunch and keep it down, you understand.

and yeah, i was going to comment on how her long blonde hair and skinny legs aren't cutting it. she's bordering on zsa zsa gabor territory!

Zen Wizard said...

Bottom line: Matt Lauer rubbed it out to Ann Coulter that night.

I am not sure if that makes her a good writer, though.


Franken won by 254 votes. I blame the Minnesota Guild of Variety Artists--i.e., the Clown's Union--for electing one of their own.

How much would the Farm Bill of 2010 be changed if Norm Coleman had simply worn a bow tie with polka dots every once in a while? We will never know.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible shrew, I can't stand that woman.

Kirk said...

The short dresses are meant to distract from that cartoonish Adam's apple of hers.

dean said...

I don't think Coulter is stupid. I think Coulter is actually evil. And I don't use that term lightly: by it, I mean that she 1. intends to inflict harm for personal profit and 2. doesn't care whether or not she inflicts harm for personal profit.

I might read one of her books it is in the library or if I find it used. But I will do my utmost to make sure that Coulter never gets any money from me.

Want to know what's wrong with American political discourse? Stick a picture of Coulter up. That, right there, is the problem.

Anonymous said...

i really want to pull her hair. and then put some duct tape over her mouth and force her to listen to reason without INTERRUPTING all the time. i admire matt lauer for not yelling at her, cuz i would not have been able to sit there with her constant interruptions of idiocy.

Anonymous said...

I'd let her.


Anonymous said...

She stunk up CBS for a second till I could get to the remote.

The "liberals" Ann reviles are not, in fact, liberals. I refer to them as the Liberati. They are phony, self absorbed narcissists. They are almost invariably residents of safe neighborhoods and come from means, often their conservative Grandparent's sweat. If you drill into their Zeitgeist hard, you'll find they are in fact the worst kind of racists, nobly obliged to give a hand up (with your money) to those down-trodden wretches, thereby assuring a guilt-free ascendence into Heaven, and delightful social status at the next soiree in Shaker or Bay. They firmly believe, for example, that Blacks are truly less intelligent, and high achievers are anomalous.

True Lib'ruls, on the other hand, put their lives and their money where their mouth is. I often, in fact probably, disagree with them on some issues of social and political discourse, but I listen, and learn, because they deserve respect as free speaking and thinking Americans.

I had a young guy work for me, he had some real learning disablity, but a decent kid. I got to know him pretty well, until he was yanked off the street for relatively minor, nonviolent crimes committed before he worked for me. His father used to beat the living shit out his mother at night, and he told me he would lie in bed, sometimes wetting it, in abject terror.

From that circumstance he would go to school, and attempt to focus. Finally, his Mom got away from that "Father figure" with him and a younger sibling, and everything was better, far from perfect.

This society eats its young, we pimp them out for product sales and wonder why they are outraged when they find the streets are paved with shit. Coulter, you skank, when a corporate balance sheet says that offshoring stable, quality employment(that's a job, you useless elite hack) that anchors a lower income neighborhood (that's not a ghetto,yet, you race baiting harlot) makes sense and creates value for the shareholder, that's what fucks up the party, too.

I'm a raging capitalist, the Sun will never set on my America, but what passes for free market now is a scam, proven recently.

There is a train wreck fascination in watching the Repubs chase the Dems down the commode.

I wish Coulter was a man so I could beat him senseless.

P. Hussein Billy

Anonymous said...

I'll let you (all) in on something not really surprising as a former "insider" in this biz. This is her schtick. She's neither evil nor dumb. Laura Ingraham is trying to walk the same road, but Coulter is / has gotten away with it. This is her thing. It's really no different than the Carville-Matalin Schtick that they've been pulling on us and laughing all the way to the bank since '92.

Julia Farley said...

I would have to agree that it is part schtick, but, man, where is the press dude with the flying shoes from Bush's debacle in Iraq? This woman has no manners and it about as friendly as a flaming chainsaw.

Me no wike her.

She can schtick it up her bum.

Erin O'Brien said...

You people give good comment.

Actually, when I watch her, a good part of me thinks "schtick" and when that happens, I'm not so angry. But then when I think of what she's doing and why (stoking division to make money), I get all pissed off again.

Rush is the same sort of animal. I don't listen to many of this ilk on the left, maybe Stephanie Miller is the blue version? Dunno.

Velvet Fog said...

My colleague Mr. Shlongford opines that she probably likes it in the ass. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Anonymous said...

I don't know her ~ wouldn't want to