Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Rainy Day Drive

In my column this week, I pit man against woman against the open road.

If you have something to say about it, please email my editor Frank Lewis at flewisATclevesceneDOTcom and be sure to include your full name and city.

Confidential to KJ: I'm afraid not, baby. But here's a picture of mine for good measure.


VideoDude said...

First, O'Brien nekid in a chair. Now, a nekid foot!! It's so "hard" typing this one-handed.

WOW!!! Thanks Erin!!! lol!!

Kirk said...

OK, I've died and gone to Foot Locker!

Jen said...

why do some guys love feet so much?

i guess that could be an entire post or column in itself.

Zen Wizard said...

Whoa good one on "copupied."

I don't speed anymore but when I used to, I would find a semi to run interference. I figured I was getting the advantage of the wind tunnel the semi creates, plus the cop would rather stop a semi speeding, plus maybe the trucker has some CB radio or insider knowledge or something.

I have found the perfect traveling companion; once that doesn't give advice unless you ask it--it's called a compass.

Zen Wizard said...

Oh, I forgot--never speed in Alabama; the whole state is one big giant speedtrap.

I have some theories about that but for brevity please just accept my conclusory statements on the issue.

Anonymous said...

"why do some guys love feet so much?"

Cuz they're connected to the ankles which lead to the calves which lead to the knees which lead to the thighs which lead to the hips which lead to the reason men are afraid to die which leads to the torso which leads to the breasts which leads to the arms which lead to the shoulders which lead to the neck which leads to the lips which leads to the eyes that look into the soul of a woman.


Anonymous said...

...which leads to the eyes that look into the soul of a woman.

Oh. I'm about a floor down. ;)

dean said...

why do some guys love feet so much?

Speaking only for myself, I find a female feet to be a mark of the feminine. I have big, ugly, knobbly feet. Chris' feet as small and slim and much more attractive than mine. They're just one more thing that says 'I am a woman'. Female hands are a bit the same, but they're not usually hidden.

For me, one of the sexiest things evar is unexpected bare feet, bare feet where I don't expect them. Jeans and bare feet, for example. Like in the picture.

O'Brien, in addition to your multitudinous other assets, you have some hella attractive feet.

Kirk said...

I know I started it, but just to get off of feet for a moment, I want you to know that, just to make you happy, I e-mailed my comment(s) about your Scene column to this Frank Lewis guy like you asked. But it was not nearly as fun as leaving a comment here. Kind of intimidating, as a matter of fact, with that cold, gray box that I'm expected to write in.

Mojito Libre said...

Copupied. I'll have to steal that term.

I agree with the Goat's theories on Running Interference and Copupied and follow them while bombing 77 to the WVA line at 85.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to motor leisurely at 60 and daydream about Erin's toe ring.

Cops ticket way less in rain, keeps the donuts dry.