Thursday, August 31, 2006


From Godfrey Silas, August 30, 2006:

Hello Erin,

I am a San Francisco based independent film and television producer. I chanced upon your compelling screen essay on the female g-spot. Rather abbreviated for a topic of such magnitude and of such potent import. I am only a man, but I hold the phenomenon in cosmic esteem.

It is instructive to note that I have just completed the production of a docu-film called Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion bound for the US and Canada educational markets. The film features, among women next door, one of the women you mention in your presentation: Annie Body. The human sexuality experts on the film are Good Vibration's sexologist Carol Queen and a g-spot specialist called Deborah Sundahl. The work was screened and reviewed by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality; and PHD graduates in sexuality and psychology.

I am affected by your magnetic and visceral vivacity and joy. If it is of interest to you, I would like to send you a review copy of the film. For FREE. The film would enact an intellectual, emotional and spiritual shift in you as a woman. Categorically.

Advise me on your level of interest.

PS/ Your vocal delivery captures the musical imagination. Excellent American female voice.

I responded to Mr. Silas, thanking him for his kind words and saying that I'd be delighted to view the film, which I will likely write about in these pages.

As of this writing, the YouTube video to which Mr. Silas refers has garnered more than 14,600 hits.

For reference, here it is:

Stay tuned, bloggers.


Dean said...

How come Deborah Sundahl gets to be a G-spot specialist? I wanna be a G-spot specialist. I think I'd be damn good at it.

Jozee said...

14,600 hits Wow!

Next docu I think they should get you to narrate.

Nobody said...

You could be the next Laura Berman!!! My hero, Erin.

Toby said...

When I hear G-spot documentary for some reason it reminds me of an after school special from about 1974 called My Mom's Having a Baby.

Denny Shane said...

I am truly impressed. And you did this all without one single Tomato Soup can present! ;)

Tits McGee said...


When you're finished watching and reviewing the film, would you send it to me? I could use an intellectual, emotional and spiritual shift in me as a woman. Categorically.

Anonymous said...

Erin, how difficult was it to record & submit the YouTube video? Did you use Stickam to do it? I can think of a few fun & educational uses for this :)

Anonymous said...

Erin, how difficult was it to record & submit the YouTube video? Did you use Stickam to do it? I can think of a few fun & educational uses for this :)

Anonymous said...


Oh, and to answer your question at my place: (make sure you're not eating when you read this)

sebum (skin oil), dead white blood cells, and dead bacteria.

Pus, in other words.

Paul said...

"Liquid Love." Spare me. The whack job alarm is going off.

Hal said...

The man knows a good Cleveland accent when he hears one.

Anonymous said...


The mere concept has induced significant testicular realignment. Categorically!

Velvet Fog said...

I'm not much on fancy book learnin', but I tell you what Erin, you come by my bungalow some summer evening when the German tourists are in town. You hit them little Heidi's with some yam-yam or some reefer then throw down and if you don't have a snorkel or an umbrella handy you are gonna get your ass blown clean out the front door. Imagine my excitement the first time that happened! Sweet Sassy Molassy! Talk about Polynesian cartography!

Anonymous said...

Could you let us know which way you categorically shift intellectually, emotionally and spiritually? 'Cause I'd hate to ask for a copy, then find I'd categorically shifted the wrong way.

~d said...


Whats that spell?! ERIN! Say it again! Erin! one more time:

Heh heh. You totally rock. I am just a chicken with its head cut off.

garrett said...

How would a snorkel help?

Jesus Toast said...

I imagine you're topless while reciting that lovely excerpt.

Mackenzie said...

Blogging does get you free shit. I love it!

I'm looking for a BMW...any takers?

Larry said...

Why do you remind me of Anne LaMott??

Erin O'Brien said...

Dean: I thought you already were a g-spot specialist. No fair!

Jozee: I'd be a good narrator. Didn't Leonard Nimoy narrate a bunch of shit? What about William Shatner? Maybe I could narrate while William Shatner finds Leonard Nimoy's g-spot.

NG: If I'm going to be a proper hero, I'll be needing a cape. Anyone got a cape I can borrow?

Toby: That is classic. I miss snacks and after school specials. Shit.

Denny: Thank you. I'm sorry to report, however, that the soup can will be returning shortly.

tits: I don't know what I'll do with the film after I've viewed it. After all, I'll be intellectually, emotionally and spiritually shifted.

Doug: I had to purchase recording software for my iSight. The YouTube upload was easy.

Doug: I had to purchase recording software for my iSight. The YouTube upload was easy.

Doug: eek!

Paul: The phrase actually reminded me of a product that was always on some dark basement shelf called "Liquid Nails." I dunno.

Hal: I so do not have a Cleveland ACK-scent!

Zorgon: If I find your realigned testicle, I'll return it immediately.

Shlong: You've returned! That in itself blows me out the front door!

sxK: I will surely keep everyone a breast of my docu-induced shift. Hopefully, it will not be a shift into reverse, but one into high gear.

~d: Can you follow me aroun for awhile doing that? It would be good for my self image. I don't care if you are a chicken with no head.

garrett: I can't help when it comes to matters of the Dong.

BV: If I had an extra BMW, I'd surely send it to you. In the meantime, you'll have to settle for my idiotic musings.

Erin O'Brien said...

Larry: I cannot answer that. Why do you remind me of JR Ewing?

Denny Shane said...

Hi tits!!

Hey people, don't critcize me... I'm just saying hiya to 'tits mcgee'... what's wrong with that?

Toby said...

My Mom's Having A Baby sticks out because I remember my mom telling both my brother and I to come straight home after school to watch it. I think she was feeling a little insecure about her explanation of where in fact babies do come from.

henri Banks said...

i know this story yes a realy know this one hmmmmm... didnt you read it before i go in to my bed?

Bugwit said...

C.B. DeMille was going to make that exact film, but he croaked before he could finish. The project didn't get off the ground because he kept demanding Clara Bow for the lead. Chuck Heston was ready to go, though.

~d said...

Bugwit's time stamp says "9:11".

I will follow you around Erin. Should I dress butch or girly?
(am I earning brownie points towards my DAMN bubble bath?)

Erin O'Brien said...

Denny: Cool boobies!

Toby: And where exactly is that?

Henri: Yes, I did. And all for you, darling.

Bug: Now that would have been an epic drama.

~d: You so don't need points, baby. You got it all on board already!

Toby said...

The Stork, silly.

Dave said...

Sorry so late on this one Erin. I was at the car dealership till 930. Congrats again and again and again.

Hal said...

Not only does the man know a Cleveland ACK-sent when he hears one, he must have also spotted inate wisdom in the fact that you know the plural of clitoris.