Sunday, July 20, 2014

Something gentle

I'm afraid, dear readership, that the headlines this weekend have left me humbled. I like to be a bright spot in an otherwise dark world, but quips and funny anecdotes don't seem appropriate with bodies strewn about Ukraine, Gaza, Syria and Iraq as well as our own fare and troubled country. And yes, I realize that list is not inclusive, but I just don't have it in me to make it so.

Hence, I'm offering up a few snaps from my weekend and profound thanks for all the gentle things that color my life.

The Sunday Market with Jessie

The old BF Goodrich stacks keeping watch over downtown Akron

The American Toy and Marble Museum

Stunning art at the Transformer Station

Open air lunch at The Game with Eric

Cleveland Tea Revival

Dean Rufus's House of Fun

Lastly, a random pic from inside this town I love

* * *


philbilly said...

Last pic is off St.Clair/ Superior about 38th, no?

Lotta sweat got poured behind them yonder windows, you betcha.

Steady paychecks, winning sports teams.

Funny how the guy who helped upend American manufacturing dominance for quite a few decades is little known. Malcom McLean, a truck driver from Texas. Built up a good hauling business, branched out across US, and got stymied at the Ports of LA and NJ. Waiting for hours/days in his trucks to unload, he asked himself why can't we just load the damn trailer. Finally bought two used oil tankers in 1956 and started playing around in Galveston Bay. Trailers were scary, top heavy and like to roll, so he just broke the box off, which made it fit trains, too. Global Intermodal Container Shipping. Opened up the world to trade and competition.

CLE, the once and future King of the Rust Belt. We'll be back.

Erin O'Brien said...

You pegged it, Phil. 'Tis now dubbed Tyler Village. If you're not doing anything Aug. 9, drop in for the Cleveland Flea. Good times.

Anonymous said...

There is light sometimes one just has to look for it.


Erin O'Brien said...

That is true, RJ, and those are words to live by.

Michael Lawless said...

The Prime Minister of Israel was asked for a statement, and he said, "I am not an yahoo."

Anonymous said...

FYI-Love the new lid...


philbilly said...

Speaking of Akron, 77th All-American Soap Box Derby through the 26th. You would be surprised, or maybe not, how few kids in America get to make real things that do things with their hands anymore. While a soap box derby gravity racer might appear simple on its surface, it incorporates a huge array of S.T.E.M. principles, not to mention vehicle dynamics and other really high paying esoteric tidbits. Which is why IndyCar is a sponsor. Check it out, and stop at Whitey's Booze and Burgers on the way home. Or Swenson's(80th Anniversary), it's your call.